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     When you wish upon a star,makes no difference who you are.  Anything your heart desires will come to you. We all remember the song  Now for some history.   Back  in 1966. just 10 days after turning 65, the most famous pioneer of the American animation industry and winner of 22 Oscars passed away from lung cancer and was  cremated. That's what the public was told. But the truth is that this man, with theme parks all over the world, had his body placed in an induced coma moments before his cardiac arrest was anticipated.  His body was instantly subjected to lyophilization (freeze drying) and then cryogenically preserved at  minus 150 degrees celsius until hopefully a time in the future would come where his coronary illness could be cured. This man's body has remained at that frigid temperature until recently.  
A team of doctors from the Mayonnaise Clinic in Boston, Mass. specially trained in a medical breakthrough called bio-parthogenesis has restored this man who is now in perfect health.except for an enlarged prostate, to the land of the living. Leading the team was none other than the renowned Swedish surgeon, Dr. Frank N. Stern , who has been experimenting in reviving the grateful dead for decades. Due to his team's incredible dexterity and knowledge , they are pleased to welcome back, Walt Disney. This is for real, folks. It is a true Fantastic Voyage. Raquel Welch..eat your heart out. Yes folks, Walt Disney is alive and just as incredible, his Tinkerbell watch is as accurate as the day it was made. Like all Disney watches, they take a licking but keep on ticking. 
Unlike the Walking Dead, Walt has all his cognitive faculties intact.  He has some trouble walking and using his limbs as doctors had expected. After all, he hasn't used any of those muscles for over 50 years. His diet will need to consist of liquids and soft foods until his esophagul muscles build up strength. Walt was saddened to hear of the death of his wife Lillian who died in 2013 after marrying Cubby, a former Mouseketeer  and Walt's two daughters ,one adopted,also passed away in the 1990s.  The news that Walt's favorite Mouseketeer, Annette Funicello, had died away brought  Walt to tears.  Having sex is a no no Doctor's have warned Disney for at least a month. Walt has the hots for that Peter Pan actress,Allison Williams who did a live TV broadcast from Bethpage, Long Island. Walt didn't want to discuss his Fantasy Land at this time but said he needed to go to Walmart to buy some diapers . 
Walt Disney cannot wait to meet former Mickey Mouse Club members ,Brittney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Ryan Gosling.  As soon as he's able to, Walt wants to ride the roller coasters at Space Mountain and Big Thunder Mountain at Disneyworld.  He wants to visit his theme parks in Hong Kong,Japan, Europe,and everywhere else his fame and name has traveled. Doctors have warned Walt to take it easy and not to expose himself to any stress or sudden sights or sounds. His body movements must be restricted for a while.  So the Back To The Future Ride at his competitor's Universal Studios is out of the question.  Still, Walt is eager to go on the Spaceship Earth ride and the Avatar Flight of Passage. However, It's a Small World ride might be more of Walt's speed for now or something like the closed Universal's Flying Unicorn.  E.T. his doctor's feel would probably be okay. 
"Times have certainly changed",Walt Disney was quoted seeing how flabbergasted and amazed at the new technology everywhere since his, let's  call it, big sleep. Walt could not believe what was science fiction back in the 50s and 60s is reality today: things like smart phones, ipads, texting,podcasts, instagram, skyping, facebook, selfies, cybercrimes, opioids, hybrid and electric cars and electronic toll booths and when Walt saw what today's computers are like and the speed to know anything at your fingertips, why he was at a loss for words. Robots and androids and automatic toilet bowl cleaners.!!! Walt was just astounded to see the accomplishments of mankind during his 5 decade absence. 
Walt Disney has already been swamped with requests to appear on Good Morning America, The View, Dr. Phil, Kelly and Whoever, all those late night talk hows, etc. Mickey Mouse says its 13 o'clock. That's quite a shock. That's my boy. Songs like that and all the"oldies" over the years Walt wants to catch up with. He is eager to hear all the music he has missed.He wants to do the Hustle and Macarena as soon as his limbs can move more comfortably and he wants to see the infinite number of TV shows and movies he has missed especially  La La Land. 
When told about the White House and our government issues, protests and scandals, continuing wars and terrorism all over the world, Walt's comment was "Sounds like Animal kingdom to me."  As far as Walt Disney knows, Tomorrowland is today. Let's all wish him and ourselves a big beautiful tomorrow. 

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Very interesting. I did hear somewhere that Walt had had himself frozen beneath Disneyland, hoping for another tomorrow. That can't be true, I'm sure. But who knows?

This was a  tale that made me smile.




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