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As many of you know--I am a resident oof a small, tiny, East Coast State that use to be known to the world as Rhode Island.  I say use to be--because there is a decree that have the State's name changed to Row Island! 


Flood is the word of the week for this state right now!  There are floods everywhere--including my basement--(Just above ankle deep right now).  I have a brand new river in my back yard--but I am not as bad as areas like Cranston and West warwick--where entire sections of those towns have been totally evacuated.  What am I saying?  Half of Western Rhode Island have been evacuated or is currently being considered as to whether or not they should be evacuated.  Roughtly %40 of I 95--the main highway of RI is unreachable--or closed down--(And there are only 28 exits on I 95 here--what does that tell u????). 


President Obama had declared the entire State of RI in a State of Emergency, so we are going to be under a federal watch at least for the rest of this week.  Which is good--because it is suppose to rain the rest of this week!  But u wanna know what the biggest problem of the whole situation is??  I don't have any bacon available for breakfast--and I can't go out to get any!!  Grrrrr!!!!


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It looks like we survived the night! Other then one (that I know of) heavy storm, there wasn't really much strength in the overnight down falls. All of the rivers are holding steady as of right now. We are not suppose to be getting any rain today---however you wouldn't believe that if you were looking at our skies right now. The next time it is suppose to rain is sometime tomorrow afternoon, and it will go to late Monday or early Tuesday. But at least for now we are getting at least a 24 hours plus some more reprieve from the rain. So maybe--just maybe that will be ample time for all of the rivers to receed back to thier appropiate levels.
The 9 mile ride to URI on RT138 from RT95 on Saturday was OK, the road was clear no slow downs etc. I did see a few driveway aprons that were washed away, with 1' - 2' ruts, a lot of standing water on the golf courses that I passed as well as standing water on a lot of front yards.
Other then some showers tonight---the rain is pretty much over. In fact after tonight--we are no suppose to get any mre rain until saturday. This i good news--because surely even that last river that needs to be receeded--should have plenty of time to get back o normal levels by then. Now we get into the clean up stages. And if u been reading or seeing the news--u know thee is a lot of clean ups to be done.

An update on my friends--They will be buying a house in CT. They didn't have flood insurance--but they will claim the liability insurance. The rest of the money they need for the new home will come from a 1 or 2% Goverment loan. They thank God for small favors--however they feel a little robbed since they just finished paying off the mortgage of thier destroyed home this past summer and were expecting to really startr saving for retirements! Also he kids at first were kind of upset about having to move to CT because they will have to leave thier school for which they claim they know every kid who attends that school. But the dad manage to arrage with the school for the kids to finish out this year over there. The kids didn't stay too dissaponted after that...especially when thy found out that they will be gtting bigger bedrooms of thier own! Doesn't take much to plese a child--huh?




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