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  Corn on the cob is one of the most difficult foods to eat gracefully.  You can hold the cob on the ends with your fingers. You can stand the corn up at one end and use a sharp knife to cut off three or four rows of kernels at a time.  Or you can try the continental style of eating corn on the cob but that takes practice.  In this style of eating, the fork stays in the left hand with the tines pointed down and the knife is held in the right hand.  The corn is then speared by the fork and conveyed to the mouth . But practice never makes perfect eating corn on the cob this way.  

Corn on the cob holders can minimize the mess on the diner's hand and face.  The cob holders keep the hands away from the moist ears of corn. The cob holders typically consist of  a knobbed  end that has  two protruding shafts.  Eating corn on the cob with cob holders is fun and people like to have fun. Now, if you're like me, you like to have fun while you eat. But where is the fun in eating corn that comes from a can, either the whole kernel varieties or creamed corn? I'll tell you where the fun is. There is no fun....until now. 

Introducing the Mighty Mini Maizer: absolutely the most versatile kitchen utensil in the history of mankind since the invention of the spork.   Think of the Mighty Mini Maizer as kind of a mini shovel you can hold in your fingers. It is 2 inches wide and 2 and a half inches long with a handle of 6 inches. Creamed corn is no match for the Mighty Mini Maizer. Just scoop it up with the beveled shovel surface and enjoy. No mess.No fuss. There will never be a kernel of corn rolling off your fork again once you have eaten with the Mighty Mini Maizer.  Corn fritters I still suggest to eat with your hands.  
This ingenious eating utensil was initially designed for eating corn but is also great for eating many vegetables like creamed spinach and green peas and beans  but is fantastic for slurping down jellos,  and almost any other gelatinous or Sloppy Joe type food.  I suggest you use a spoon to savor your ice cream. You want your Haagendazs swallow to go down a little at a time rather than one big gulp.  The Mighty Mini Maizer has received the Good Housekeeping Seal. They are made from plastic, aluminum, deluxe sterling silver editions, and the popular gold plated titanium steel Mighty Mini Maizers. 

With the holidays coming up, the Mighty Mini Maizers make great holiday gifts. You'll find them with increasingly more shelf space in department stores, supermarkets, and gift shops everywhere. There is also the elongated imperial 9 inch handle model which is great for diners with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or very fat arms.  The Mighty Mini Maizer is manufactured by the 3M Company and endorsed by Green Giant, Del Monte, Heinz, Kraft, , and other major food corporations. 

With a Mighty Mini Maizer in your hand, even Garbanzo beans never tasted so grand. Eating should be fun and who doesn't like to eat? What is more fun than shoveling food in your face? All the world is a crazier for the Mighty Mini Maizer. The Mighty Mini Maizer will guarantee culinary fun for you and your loved ones for generations to come. 

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