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Who among you feels like you either have to have the last
word in a discussion, or feels like when you make a post it is a thread killer
and no one post behind you. I’ve killed a few threads among my last 20,000 or
so post, and I’ll probably do it again. Maybe even this time.

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I always have positive dreams. .
Where is everyone?
Hi Cat, I'm here!
All these women do Bro! It's in their genes. What they don't know is that I am a professional talker. And sneaky too. Age and experience triumphs over youth and enthusiasm every time.
Buzz, I won't dispute you on this at all.
Yeah, you men talk big, but I think the women have an upper hand. ;-)
Well Taylor, you do have nice hands.
And ears! And..........
Oh, RBAM & Buzz! You two are making me blush! And you're 2 of the only people on tbd who have actually SEEN my hands and ears. And . . . smile. ;-)
Indeed we have. And we talk about that a lot. Yep, blushing is called for here. Trouble is, getting you bailed out on that charge of being a chicken thief is hardly a satisfying experience. But even that little "peck on the cheek" reward was a life experience to remember.
Chicken thievery? What?? Oh, you must've given me too much Brandy or something; I don't even remember getting arrested!
I DO seem to remember you & Janne having QUITE the conversation about 'themed' hotel rooms, and knowing quite a bit of details about them. All I was talking about, as I recall, were Home Depot & Hardware stores! ;-)
Just adding my 2 cents....I dont' really NEED the last word although I confess to sometimes LIKING it...and I haven't killed a thread yet (that I remember) but I DO like to play. :) Looks like a fun game.




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