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Who among you feels like you either have to have the last
word in a discussion, or feels like when you make a post it is a thread killer
and no one post behind you. I’ve killed a few threads among my last 20,000 or
so post, and I’ll probably do it again. Maybe even this time.

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is some one home
Is that kayaker I see up there? {{{((({{{kayaker!}}})))}}}
There is simply no hope of getting the last word in when Taylor is around. That woman is a talker.
She is, isn't she?
I woke up in the middle of the night and came downstairs and fired up the computer, but I forgot to check here. I would have posted.
oh, my imagination is going wild with possibilities, Moosie - and DON'T tell me it's to go to the bathroom! ;-D

Good Sunday morning, all!
So Taylor...Now you are among the "Girls Gone Wild" bunch?........Got a web cam? Call me.
I think what I have to say is totally subjective and no one can top it when no one is reading it.

I'm thinking I won on this issue, and if someone disagrees, they can start a new thread. Which goes to prove, I won.

(PM me if I did win!)
Send her two PMS. 28 days apart.
oooooooh. Now that doesn't sound pleasant.
Cuppa sure was pushing his luck yesterday. I think HE was the one PMSing. ;-P
Us guys just call it being snowbound, or "CCF", Cranky Cabin Fever




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