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Who among you feels like you either have to have the last
word in a discussion, or feels like when you make a post it is a thread killer
and no one post behind you. I’ve killed a few threads among my last 20,000 or
so post, and I’ll probably do it again. Maybe even this time.

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I have a cure for your CCF Cuppa . . . mosey over to the 5 Letter/Tag Team Story & take my hand. ;-)
The taking of your hand Taylor would exceed my day's most ebullient moment!
hello is some one home
Ah, Cuppa, your charm makes me blush.
And a wee Irish lass such as yourself is so susceptible to a dram of Blarney.
I'm a pushover for charm & seduction, that is true. Maybe it's the Southern in me . . .

It's what makes us Southern cops so...so...irresistible.
ummmm...... well...... hmmm....... Cuppa? I'm sure you can come up w/a better example.

Now isn't that just the cutest Carolina cop you ever did see? I was 21 at the time.
Oh, my gosh - what a doll baby!
I've never wanted to kill a thread, but it happens anyway.
May all your dreams come true....even the negative ones.




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