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Welcome to the Gathering Place, come in sit a while, refresh

yourself with our brewed coffee, tea, hot coco and a dew or two.

We have fresh baked goodies to nibble on just in case you might be

a tad hungry, too.......Your money isn't any good here, but your

friendship is valued, so come on in and enjoy yourself...if no one is here

please just leave a note to let us know you came by to visit....:)


Mary- Manager

Lynn- Bartender

I also have the Gathering Place...that I set up in a group on EONS...so please drop in

and say hi there too!.......


Hot Coffee and a Dew for my Jeff

and a cola for Dot and anyone else

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I never understood the wireless thingy......lol
Well me either but i figured somthing out for a change lol and im connected,figure that one out,might have pulld a muscle.
lol no doubt that u did........pull a muscle that is....but
it's all good.........:)
yea,im clueless on laptops and pcs but when u play and try to figure out for urself,but got connected and u were to ask how i did lol have to rethink lol
lol u did very good chickie...no rethinking needed lol
lol yea dont wanna pull another muscle
lol oh no, please don't...we need u to have all those
muscles in great working order..lol
My brain muscle lol
That's the most important muscle that needs to be a great working order........lol
lol havent hurt it to bad
lol that's a good thing, chickie.......lol
yup lol




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