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TeeBub, Think you have Lager and auger  confused. Of course to much  lager can lead to inappropriate use of the auger. So, be careful.


Robbie, I know you have had many professions, but when did you become a professional logger?

It looks like possibly Jean Claud had too much lager the night before.

Geeze Jaylee, Talk about high jacking a thread.

I guess now we are supposed to post about posts, Post Toasty's, Post-It notes, whole and hole post hole diggers, or if you prefer quarter hole diggers(by definition they can't be whole diggers), digging holey holes in search for nickles and dimes, Posting posts about the above, and now you want to start talking about facials and palm trees?????

I'm starting to get confused.

She confuses me too.

Posting on palm trees could produce palm oil.

Oh, I get it. It all makes sense now. Palm oil comes from coconuts, so It's her round about way of calling us a fine bunch of coconuts!!! 




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