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as a commentator here nearly since the beginning, I've seen TBD in it's hey day to now, All the politics, and even a bit of it's spiritual side. I've laughed with my favorite the lovely Miss Prunella Farquar, and been kicked by a Kat.

But I have to say that the liberal and the conservative argument here has been the real culprit and show stopper. Never have I seen such a self centered group, bent on winning arguments than the liberal and controlling ones of this site. No I'm not blaming anyone in particular, As I see it no matter who they all are, they all have some blame. As it turns out, TBD has been relegated to the dust bin, for at least indefinately. Who's to say it will recover. Dunno. Do I care? sure I've met a lot of fine people here. most all of them have been run off. by either those in control themselves, or indirectly by the few followers here. I hear there is yet another TBD facsimile site. not sure who runs it. I'm sure I've been told. Just not interested. At some point you've got to give in to the sheer gospel that you have to allow decent of your opinions and open to dialog. few are willing here it would seem.  

How many of you that are left who praised the King Obama. and how he would deliver us from the evil's of Bush. Well. who's cryin now? Dare I say that the leaders of this site need only look into the mirror for it's demise. Failing to listen to your fellow humans is never a good idea. And many times it costs you more than you bargained for.

I'll close with an answer to one of my later, but not so recent posts, I dunno I think I posted it both in my WTP group and on the Main page as a blog or something. Mr. Obama is an Illegal president, we've known this all along. not many would admit it. He most likely will not be a second term president. If he succeeds and a second term it will be more or less as a dictator. as it turns out he's already usurped over half of our bill of rights. So following, with the fact one might point out that the patriot act was a Bush era thing, I simply do not care. There has been absolutely no shift in policy from Bush to Obama to date, or one expected. And a certain Sheriff is not giving up about that Birth Certificate. It will most likely be his demise. Shall we at the very least agree. That no one was entirely right. As it turns out. It has more to do with what we've allowed our government to become than who it is we thought was in control of it. not too different of a rise and fall of TBD. I feel both the Obama presidency, and TBD itself will come to the same demise, at nearly the same time, and for nearly the very same reasons....


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I'm not too keen on the hard line conservatives either, but I did allow them as well the radical lib's to have they're say.

I do think that a lot of the infighting caused many to leave, quite possibly from both sides.

I didn't leave. I've been quite busy with some home repairs that were on hold until after I retired, and could devote the proper attention to them.

Without the main wingnuts around spewing hot air, there just weren't as many balloons to pop. That's how it usually is with quitters.

Tool!    How are you?  What's new!  How's the family?  

You are your usual ray of sunshine!   I mean that sincerely. 

I had know idea of the corrolation between the politics of TBD and the running of our country.  That's pretty awsome although  a somewhat myopic view.

This little cyber/social world is exactly that... a teeny tiny view of not-so-much.   But what is here can be fascinating.   People come and go for whatever reason.   They can feel like they reign supreme, shock and awe with their brilliant (or not) insights and opinions.  Some publically whine they don't get the attention they want from whom they want.  Some are just mean as snakes and think this is just the place for them to vent their vehemence and bully anyone who dares cross with them. 

Some folks have moved on for whatever reason.   I doubt that anyone made them do it.  People can be fickle.

But what is cool is that one is not roped or cornered by anything other than resisting that keyboard and the send button.

The same goes for voting in our next commander in chief....Each and everyone of us can choose to go into that voting booth or not.    If one doesn't vote...don't complain.

good to see you too Jaylee.

not so sure my correlation of politics and TBD is accurate, however Robbie's comment above is a sure sign of a clue I might be right however, or at least close in perspective.

I still pop in, check out WTP on TBD and see whats up, seems there are a few that tromp through they're old stomping grounds. maybe I should revive the star-trek thread, or was that on my atlantis, can't remember.

any-who I still see mostly venomous liberals tip toe'ing through, few take me on though. takes little imagination to see why though, look how things turned out and compare it too my old post's he he he

catch ya around, or maybe see you on Face book, seems thats where all the old crowd can really be found....

ta ta

I am offended by your use of the term venomous liberals for people here on TBD. Being one who thinks for themselves does not make one venonous. Liberals have no controlling radio hosts or a vast network of people spending their lives trying to dig up false information about conservatives.  from my experience are generally much nicer and kinder people than conservatives. The vile comments coming from people on the right might well be called venonous.

touche'  P.A.

I try not to offend just too many people.

However, most attacks pretty much just roll off my back, I've developed pretty thick skin about it.

I don't exactly classify myself a conservative, or a Liberal for that matter.

I would only prefer to see the Government actually follow and obey the Constitution, and truthfully both parties are in need of doing that. I don't listen to Rush Limbaugh, or Glenn Beck either these days. I'm not so enamored by Fox News either. I feel that there is something more evil afoot I guess. still digging into it, but for the most part all I see is a plethora of corruption on both sides of the isle, and as long as we're bickering over left right issues we fail to see the big picture.

golly, we keep this up, this will be the most action on TBD since, well, not sure.

scratch, scratch

here's a run down of the revolution, it's here!!!!!!!


Dude, I've been biting my tongue for 2 days. And no, I'm not going to ever give you the chance to "debate" my position. This is my last post to any to the poison you spew here. Like you, I'll never change my mind. 

the poison is in our government, not me.

I just tell the truth. and as it happens to be turning out, I was quite right on most of my positions.

The Revolution begins. We've breached the tipping point, however you want to look at it. it's begun

and your right, I really don't care what your position is, but be warned, you better get ready to duck.

cause it's going to get pretty brutal rather quickly now. We've officially lost control of our military, and or government, our elected officials are being told they are largely ceremonial and have no power. nearly every right on the bill of rights has been usurped, fortunately they just weren't quite able to get people to let go of the second amendment though. Good thing too, we're all that's standing in defense of liberty.

Now the so called president, claims to have the power to arrest and detain indefinitely, or just outright murder anyone that gets in his way. Hmmmm that don't sound good, and it surely doesn't seem like a power I'd give a good president much less a Marxist liar like this one.



Back to the point, is TBD liberal? obviously. did it manage to sway opinion, no, obviously not.

is this current administrations presidency legal, nope, obviously not.

so now what? well, I wish I was wrong in much of what I've been saying over the years, however, it doesn't exactly look like it though, I smell tyranny in the air. and it's obviously been reeking for quite some time. I bet even you can smell it now....

Obama Eligibility Controversy Receives International Attention

Obama Official Portrait SC 752x1024 Obama Eligibility Controversy Receives International Attention

The English language version of the Russian publication “Pravda” (a word which ironically means either truth or justice) is revealing what perhaps is the most mind boggling piece of the puzzle of Barack Obama’s nativity story heretofore hidden from public knowledge.

“Arizona + Minor v. Happersett + Hawaii State/U.S. Citizenship issues = justia and the scrubbing of Minor off the internet=a puzzle coming together, showing what Obama really is” summarizes one columnist,  commenting on Pravda’s scoop.

One free legal search site allegedly scrubbed the penultimate Supreme Court decision regarding definition of NATURAL BORN CITIZEN before the 2008 election; Minor  v. Happersett either was just dropped or somehow (minimized) by “Justia.com (which) is owned by an Obama supporter.”

Pravda goes on to assert that the “systematic scrubbing of Minor v. Happersett in the summer of 2008 (involved)  erasing the name and specific text quoted from the case, along with specific citations to it out of dozens of Supreme Court cases” citing Minor in “over 138 years of American Supreme Court History!” .

Further confusion of the entire nativity story involves a uniquely struck law specific only to Hawaii which conveys U.S. citizenship to any citizen of Hawaii born on or after April 30, 1900.  And this is why, “the campaign itself created the entire birth certificate controversy” mainly pardon the pun, as a red herring to draw the public away from Minor.

In the Minor case Supreme Court Justice C.J. Waite delivered an opinion supporting ordinary citizen, Mrs. Virginia Minor, who had sued a Missouri election official who refused to sign her up as a voter because she was a woman.  “According to the decision (in Minor);” at common-law with the nomenclature of which the framers of the Constitution were familiar, it was never doubted that all children born in a country of parents who were its citizens became themselves, upon their birth, citizens, also.  These were natives, or natural-born citizens, as distinguished from aliens or foreigners.  Minor v. Happersett, 88 U.S. 162, 167 (1874).”

Pravda specifically points out: “As long as the public was wondering about what being born under ‘the British Nationality Act of  1948′ meant, and the birth certificate “birther” controversy in general, they were NOT looking into laws which would have legally prevented the senator from assuming the role ofcandidate and then President!”

And Pravda is calling Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s press conference“an earth shattering revelation.”   “Without doubt, this is a serious Law Enforcement Officer, not one to be taken in by tin-foil-hat wearing loons.”  In a very insightful evaluation of U.S. mainstream media, Pravda continues: “the American Press is aggressively protecting the presumed President of the United States, pushing the fraud upon both America and the world, supporting a man who may well have usurped the office. . .one can easily imagine the reaction of the press had this scenario been about George W. Bush in 2004.”

So we may very well have the answer to America’s spin control story on steroids from a famous Russian news outlet which is doing the story our own fourth estate simply will not touch.

When we have to get our truth from Pravda, what’s next?

If you've been suspicious that your government has been overtaken by the internationalists and globalists but couldn't be quite sure, then as of March 7th, all your questions have been answered. There is no longer any doubt, any more.

It has.

In stunning testimony before a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Thursday, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta and Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman General Martin Dempsey both indicated that international permission rather than congressional approval provided the legal basis for any military action taken by the United States.

In fact, Defense Secretary Panetta actually stated that the military and executive branch would decide when military intervention was necessary based on NATO or UN resolutions, and then come before Congress and inform them of their decision, much like they did in Libya.

To say that Senator Sessions was stunned at their testimony would be an understatement. Reminding them that military use authorization rested with Congress, and that all legal authority to authorize military action rested with Congress, Senator Sessions again asked them if they believed that international law trumped constitutional authority in the defense of the United States. Like the good little politician that he is, Panetta weaseled and waffled around his answer, but in the end, could not hide his progressive, globalist beliefs that the international community dictated the use or non-use of American armed military forces and that Congress had no say in the matter.

This really shouldn't surprise anyone. The globalists have been taking over ever since the early 1900s. First we had the League of Nations, a disjointed and toothless organization. However, after WWII, the United Nations replaced it, learned from its predecessor's mistakes, and organized a more formidable organization that was intent on global control.

And true UN sycophant that he is, Obama has been defying Congress, side-stepping Congress and congressional authority, and has misused his position as Commander-in-Chief to authorize military action in countries we had no business being in, all at the direction of the United Nations and international community. For a president that campaigned so heavily against the Iraq war in 2008, wailing about the travesty of our troops being over there, he sure has been quick to call out the troops for any little skirmish for which his handlers tell him they are needed.

Absolute power corrupts... absolutely.

However, I have much larger concerns than the executive branch. We have three branches of government, and in fact, the executive branch is the weakest of those three. Next to the executive, we have the judicial branch, and we already know that the judicial branch has been corrupted. Instead of ruling strictly on the basis of the Constitution, our judges now take international law into consideration in their rulings. These men and women sit in our courts all over this country, trained and educated at the progressive schools which have graduated the likes of Obama, the Clintons, and the Bushes, globalists all.

No, what concerns me is our Congress. Where are they in all this? It appears that they have become a castrated lot, with their tongues cut out. They hold all the power. They have the ability to correct this. Why aren't they doing anything? Don't you wish we had a Congress such as the one in Honduras in 2009 which acted legally and swiftly, in concert with their Supreme Court, to depose a president who was attempting to circumvent the law and making pathways to establish himself as a dictator for life? (I know, they later capitulated to international pressure, but for one brief moment, they were a shining example of possibility.)

When the president appoints czars with no congressional oversight, where is the Congress? When our military is used for international actions without the consent of Congress, where are their voices? When onerous rules and regulations are implemented by agencies without the backing of law, why don't we hear their protests in defense of the American people whom they are supposed to represent?

Their silence is deafening.

I fear for our country. No longer are we one people. The politicians have successfully divided us along racial, ethnic, financial, economic, religious, and political lines. They have created an atmosphere where we are so busy fighting one another that we can't focus on the descent into totalitarianism that our country is suffering.




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