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Hey Cuppa, are you sleeping in? I guess I'll open up since I'm the first one here, and I'll get the coffee going in case any early birds come in. Folks, it's Friday and it's going to be a good weekend! Come on in and have a seat, we're happy to have you! Have a donut while I get the coffee going.

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Have to run for now. I'll be back later if I can.
OK, have a good weekend!
Hi the House!
I think it might be just me. . .
Hi baby! How goes the war?
What's happening CJ?
Just having my bowl of corn flakes and peeked in and saw you. . . what a nice surprise!
I love Joni Mitchell, I didn't know you're also a fan. . . see I learn something new everyday here on TBD
Put it this way. I've always seen her as a young chicka.
But she isn't! In fact, I wonder what she is doing now.




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