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Hey Cuppa, are you sleeping in? I guess I'll open up since I'm the first one here, and I'll get the coffee going in case any early birds come in. Folks, it's Friday and it's going to be a good weekend! Come on in and have a seat, we're happy to have you! Have a donut while I get the coffee going.

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We leave tomorrow morning about 11 will do lunch in New Jersey then be at Eddies by 2:30 Shelley gave in and said yes YAY
Whoa! Nice. Eddie's in PA?
Lord Valley PA near milford the NY,PA and NJ corner
Ok. . . there still may be snow there.
Basically the other end of PA from you
Reply by Cat 2 minutes ago
Ok. . . there still may be snow there.

Plenty snow since he's inbetween to Ski lodges and if we have to they make snow on resorts so sure we'll find snow
I'm sure too. It's in the 40s here now, but I think I heard sleet and freezing rain later on.
It's not West VA but always think of this going up to Eddie's place
There's some beautiful country there.
Nice place to visit but to far from the beach to stay for long time---got to have my salt air




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