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Hello Folks,
Welcome to our little coffee shop, where we just gather when we want to
take a little break, chat with whomever might be here at the moment and
get to know each other. It's a friendly little place and everyone is
welcome. Just say hello and folks here should respond. If no one
happens to be here at the moment, just stick around or keep an eye on
the last post to see who pops up to greet you

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I think I forgot how to do this. let me go try again
I gotta go for now, too, gang, but I'll stop back tonight. Great "seeing" everybody - makes my day!
d's girl wrote:"I've applied as a designer or Kitchen Planner w/IKEA."

Hey, dg, I knew I felt a kinship somewhere here further than words! I spent twenty years as an interior designer, and kitchens and lighting were two of my favorite things. (Well, and color theory. And furniture design. Heh.) Good luck with your plans!
Hey CM, I was off listening to my own songs.
Well who is going to be next to come strolling in?
Hi, CuppaJoe! Just wanted to stop back in and greet everyone.
Back from lunch. Who's around?
Hello Joe....whaddya know...? Just popping in to say hey.... I'd have a cappucino but it's late....Maybe a glass of Chardonnay will do....still got the bottle behind the bar? I see Frenchies leftovers are still on the ceiling...remember that night?
Been in and out all day. Think I'm going to pop a movie in the DVD. Catch you guys in the morning.
Of course I'll probably check in on the forum after the movie and before bed.
Cuppa you are on west coast time and there don't seem to be to many tbders out there anymore.




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