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If you have a problem, chances are one of us has a solution for you. Just tell us what it is, and hopefully someone in the Welcome Lounge will know how to deal with it and offer some assistance.
We are not talking about legal, medical, relationship problems etc., but stuff like plumbing, car difficulty, computer, cooking, house maintenance, security or any of a thousand other daily life problems not requiring professional advice.
So, Drop your problem in the coffee bag and make sure that you check back occasionally for your help.
Members! Keep an eye on this site occasionally and please offer what help any of us can. Everyone is at their own risk as to what advice to offer or accept.

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Work indeed it did. When it was through, I just washed it with a solution of 1- 2 drops of dish detergent in a bowl of water, then used a very soft cloth to buff out the silver. It looked great.
Seriously. . . we got 18 inches of snow. It's so heavy. The dog can't walk through it. Nowhere to throw it. Anyone have an extra set of hands and a snow shovel?

You need two hands for this baby I just built. Man what a back saver. No bending at all. The arms are attached just above the blade and pivot. the black rubber strap just holds the second arm off the ground if I let it go.

How cool! Thanks Cuppa!
Yep. Hey Sandra.
Sure Sandy,
In fact cutting some off and allowing it to have less twist and turns will make the flow better and less chance to clog up. But leave it long enough that you can still slide the dryer out from the wall to clean under it or retrieve something. That is, after all where all those missing socks hide.




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