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This subject keeps coming up and I just cant understand it. My brother has been preparing for contact, and dealing with his alien abduction experiences, but that's really another story.

It's not that I dont believe in UFO's, its just that I've never seen one. And believe me, (to give my bro the benefit of a doubt,) I've looked hard. I like what Larry King said...if they want to make contact, why not just land in Times Square.

What's the probability of life on other planets? Ofhand I'd speculate 100%. But so what? What is this insatiable desire to make contact? Arent there enough people here on earth to make contact with? Hmmm, I guess its just another thing in science that I dont understand. Mother Sanity

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He was only elected to the Oval Office on one occasion, although he did in fact serve two terms.

In his first term, he was appointed . . .
I think the dental hygentist was a freakin' alien.
She sure seemed like she was from another planet.
She was the Dental Nazi from Hell.
ever notice the prolifiration of dentists after ww2?
eeYeah. I voted, but was deliberately on sabbatical. I heard rumors about some irregularities in Ohio? Where ever. I blocked them out. It was that constant drum beat of fear emenating from the repelican stump. It was making me nuts.
the fungus among us...?




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