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I don't post here a lot, but I check in every day.  What have you been up to this summer?


In July I drove my mom to Hopkinsville, Kentucky (from Minnesota) so she could attend her 60-year high school class reunion.  

This year's garden is a disaster.  Too much rain = too many weeds.

We rented out our hay field this summer to a couple local farmers who are planted corn. It's over 9' tall.  

Lars bought fencing to enclose the new chicken house.  We may get chickens this fall.

I met my newest cousin, Claire, on Tuesday.  She's 6 weeks old and adorable.


As my Grandma Olson used to say, "Now you tell one."



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Well, y'all just need to go on & join us at The Festy! 





Beautiful home and setting, Dodger.  I understand why the valley is dear to you....I have my own version of it here.  Hugs
You are an amazing woman DD.
Beautiful place and the new roof looks great. I love the place I have in the sticks of WV. However it is so far out in the country that I can only take a month or so there and I am climbing the walls. Not hard to do with an RV.  It has a ladder attached. (:>)
That looks like a major project - I hope it hasn't been too stressful. I get annoyed changing the vacuum cleaner bag.



Wonderful place DD...It's nice to be able to put a place with a face.   I think I understand why you love it there...no bars...riffraff strolling down the street at 2am....!   I can only imagine the sounds or lack thereof that you wake to every morning.

Wow - DD, it looks so cozy!  It's good to have a real home.  

-(The other) DD


WOW, I have a porch that I'm scared to look at too closely , but this gives me hope that I can take care of it. Thanks, DD.




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