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I don't post here a lot, but I check in every day.  What have you been up to this summer?


In July I drove my mom to Hopkinsville, Kentucky (from Minnesota) so she could attend her 60-year high school class reunion.  

This year's garden is a disaster.  Too much rain = too many weeds.

We rented out our hay field this summer to a couple local farmers who are planted corn. It's over 9' tall.  

Lars bought fencing to enclose the new chicken house.  We may get chickens this fall.

I met my newest cousin, Claire, on Tuesday.  She's 6 weeks old and adorable.


As my Grandma Olson used to say, "Now you tell one."



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Q, I've lost 4 tomato plants.and 1 pepper plant. All in pots, and due to excessive rain. (sorry Texas) All I have left is 1 pepper plant. I have one spot on the deck where they don't get BLASTED by the sun all day, but that spot is where my gutters overflow. So if I don't move everything every time it rains, stuff just drowns. I think I'd be better off going to the flea market and just buying my produce.

PS. The lemons and key limes are doing GREAT!

PSS. I have 4 pineapple plants going, but it will probably be at least 3 years before they fruit. I had one last year that produced a small pineapple. It was small, but it was the SWEETEST pineapple I've ever tasted.

PSSS. I have several banana trees going, but they have not produced any fruit yet. My daughter MAY be giving her tree that is in full fruit.

George and I went to the Moosie's Crossing meetup in Pittsburgh, a good time was had by all there too, Quinn!


He and I went to our camp a couple of times too.

Did some landscaping and planted my usual flowers with my granddaughter's help... Went to two family reunions on Larry's side of the family... Always have dinner once or twice a month with my sisters... Had brunch with my cousin from New Mexico...


Met Blondie in July and had a wonderful time with her... Wish we would have had more together time!!!

And also went to the Moosie's Crossing meet-up this month and had a glorious time...


Life is good!!!

Why didn't Blondie show at the Pittsburgh meet? She was on the "will attend" list.

Let's see, In May and June I was workamping at Livingston, TX. That means working 20hrs a week. Reimbursement is a site of my choice and all utilities paid. In addition, for every 10 hours worked I get a certificate good for one free night at any of the 8 Escapee club's RV parks.

Livingston is the pitts as far as I'm concerned. But about 60 miles down the road is Houston, Pru, and the Woodlands.  Went to Hattiesburg, Miss. over the 4th of July and visited with my son, Bryan who was there training, on his way over to Afghanistan for a year. Had a good visit. Then since I was being transfered to Raccoon Valley RV park near Knoxville, TN I motored on over to Redstone Arsenal. Went to the Commissary and stocked up on Kona Coffee and other non spoilable food stuff and booze. Drove on to Raccoon Valley and reported in on the 7th of July.

 I have been working on Mon. Tue. and Half days on Wed since. Mostly mowing grass and weedwhacking in 100 plus degree heat.

Been exploring the area. There is a lot to see and do in this area. Did the tour of Oak Ridge,"the Secret City". In 1942 the government built an installation that had 62,000 people included. All on thousands of acres that was fenced and patrolled. It was one of the best kept secrets in recorded history. There, the Urainum U-235 and Plutonium was extracted and sent to Los Alamos, NM and used in the Atom Bombs that we dropped on Japan and ended World War Two. 

Today, Happy and I drove to Gatlinburg and The Great Smokies National Park.

Clouds moving in on Clingman's Dome


And the quiet, Sleepy little mountain town of Gatlinburg. What!!! Is that a shark behind that truck.

You reckon there are some tourists around here somewhere?

I plan to head on back up to WV the day after Labor day.






Kooner, I think that the last time I drove across that road was in 1964. I was at Cherokee in, I believe 2000. But, was on the NC side all the way. I had actually made a trip to Bryson City to see about buying a Whitesell Canoe. He has a place in the Nantahala Canyon where he runs raft and canoe trips. He is an interesting guy. He has run a lot of "First Decents" in canoes. He was the first person to canoe down the Niagara Gorge. past the Devil's Whirlpool. The manager of his shop(who was ex special forces) and i ran the Nantahala. Easy whitewater, class two and three. I liked the canoe, but it was too heavy for me. By the time I got it on and off the car and carried to the river I was bushed. It weighed about 70 lbs. Sure did handle nice in the water though. The next day I drove up through Maggie Valley and Cherokee and headed back to VA.

BTW, I'm starting to really like this area around Knoxville.


Excellent CWO...thanks for sharing your life on the road and taking along  some of us who can't seem to leave town.  :-)
I'll let ya'll know when summer's over.
I'm so glad that you had a summer like that one!! Are you writing all this down? I hope so. Let me know when you publish , cause I want to read all about it!
Any chance of posting some pictures?:) Looks like you been having a good time B.A.F. Nice to see you here again:) I had a real nice summer as well up here in Alaska.
This is wonderful, B A F....I hope you'll share some more of your travels.
5 foot 7 inches.




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