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I don't post here a lot, but I check in every day.  What have you been up to this summer?


In July I drove my mom to Hopkinsville, Kentucky (from Minnesota) so she could attend her 60-year high school class reunion.  

This year's garden is a disaster.  Too much rain = too many weeds.

We rented out our hay field this summer to a couple local farmers who are planted corn. It's over 9' tall.  

Lars bought fencing to enclose the new chicken house.  We may get chickens this fall.

I met my newest cousin, Claire, on Tuesday.  She's 6 weeks old and adorable.


As my Grandma Olson used to say, "Now you tell one."



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We had a great summer down in Nikiski at our place on the beach (South of Anchorage, AK).
I went for walks collecting agates, did a little landscaping, planted a garden,
put up some garden fencing because the rabbits got to everything before we did,
and brought our lawn back to life. The weather was beautiful!
I read a number of pages on WWII this summer as well as
Edmund S. Morgan small book "The Meaning of Independence".
My love of history has been life long.

Started a new crazy quilt in May and am almost in the home stretch, that's probably how I'm going to finish my summer. Bought three books on selling crafts online and need to finish reading one so I can donate it to the library hopefully. If they don't put it in thier permanent collection , I might give it to the quilter's group in town to start a co-op. Put in raised beds this year and they're kind of small but I like them and the tomatoes , beans and beets seem to like them too. Got into the crawlspace yesterday and finished insulating under the addition . Wish me luck on my fuel bill. I also bought a pellet stove and had that installed.

My sister does a lot of quilting and puts on a quilting class every once in a while. Between all the quilts and her paintings the house looks like a Turkish bazaar.

Two that come to mind right away,


First, I quit my job to take a less stressful one. At this juncture in my existence I do not need the buffoonery associated with climb-the-corporate ladder at all costs raving career obsessed yuppie types trying to micro-manage me. 


Second, I attended my 40th high school reunion. Shocked to find out classmates that never gave any indication I actually existed back then now want to hug, kiss, and talk to me. I guess they all changed since I'm still just as asocial. Seriously, it was a fantastic two days of drinking and showing off our scars.  

Funes, as to your first point above....you put that very well.  Thanks describes my situation exactly.  I haven't resigned yet, but I did notify management that I'm on the way out.  I'd like to earn the maximum allowed this year before I have to share my additional earnings in a one of two ratio to the gummit, but would also be happy enough if I was met at the door Monday morning with a sack containing my personal effects from my desk.
The way the employment landscape is nowadays it makes sense to pack up your personal stuff in a duffel bag at the end of the day and take it home with you. No telling if your job will be there the next day.
Funes...I did that three years ago, best thing I've ever done. When I look back I ask myself, "what the hell was I doing all those years?"
Good for you!

I've been to the beach a few times this year. My immediate and extended family does a mini reunion thing every June. A good time is had by all.

I planted tomatoes for the first time! I did two plants in containers. They aren't doing so great, I've gotten a few tomatoes but not what I should have. Maybe the heat affected them??

60 year reunion, DD-- that's amazing!
I recently heard that tomatoes really take off if you plant them in a bale of hay. Haven't tried it though.
They will grow out of a hay bale but it's difficult to put cages around 'em. I always liked the good 'ol dirt .

Yeah.....if you don't put 'em in cages they will escape......


*i'll see if I can find a picture for you,*

Part of my tomato problem may be that I did no research, I just dumped two plants into two clay pots and watered them. When they started to droop I kinda rested them on the picket fence I have out back.




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