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Today, my idiot badge goes to the people who are behind the tea parties. They have used tactics to get people to follow blindly. Most can't even see the reality is racism.
But the absolute hatred that spews out of these followers mouth is amazing, yet, how many of them hang onto their bibles.
Most followers have let themselves get so scared, there's no way for them to know the truth.
The haters have found a cause to show their true racism.
And I guess if they're against the President, they're against the troops? Because that's what they said when people spoke against Bush.
Whatever, the media needs to not even show them. How Anti-American these Tea Parties are!!

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Oh, kids have great tea parties, it's the childish "adults" that are the problem

Why not get off Medicaid? I'll pay for my care, but it's ok with you that I can't get coverage.
What President hasn't made promises and not kept them, oh not raise taxes...Bush 1...Read my lips,no new taxes.
According to you, everything is broke, so we don't fix it??
We just let it get worse. Great, cuz mizery loves company.
I have a friend who has a daughter who could not afford to go to the dr's for a gyn exam. Finally, when she did, now possibly have cancer. Sad for someone in their 20's. Oh, well, such is life, or should I say death.
Yes, we have a death panel. Those who "make too much money" to qualify for medicaid, and can't afford insurance. If this was a story of a young woman in another country, we'd be so upset. But it's ok, she's an American, hard working, so, let her die.
The address to the students: lots of presidents did that. George H. W.e. Bush did, and I think it was RR whose address told kids how lowering taxes was fine.
I guess it depends on who the guy is.

And here the most vocal take the stage. Insurance stoodges, maybe.Who knows?

All I know is judge for yourselves. Do you sit in the emergency room for four hours and then get shuffled back and pay four bucvks for one aspririn? No socialism here. Just greed.

Push back on that greed. You don't need to underwrite any insurance exec's windfall.
You know the Grassley's are afraid they might not get elected tyo the tit once again, if they blow the cover, right?
Good, I knew you did.
Quinn you are brilliant or is it that you think like me? Does that make us Republicans, blindly following one another without question?
Reply by Quinn 37 minutes ago

Beautifully expressed - you must be a writer.
As Forest Gump's mom said, "Stupid is as stupid does."

GreatLady, you ain't so great.
Well, just consider that a free sample - the product of free market, all-American, private initiative.
What I find pathetic are all of the Nervous Idiots running around calling Obama a "Nazi" and calling him "Hitler".


A mixed-race, alleged Muslim - Who's also a Nazi.

Fucking Morons.
I never called him a Nazi. Ooops.




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