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Today, my idiot badge goes to the people who are behind the tea parties. They have used tactics to get people to follow blindly. Most can't even see the reality is racism.
But the absolute hatred that spews out of these followers mouth is amazing, yet, how many of them hang onto their bibles.
Most followers have let themselves get so scared, there's no way for them to know the truth.
The haters have found a cause to show their true racism.
And I guess if they're against the President, they're against the troops? Because that's what they said when people spoke against Bush.
Whatever, the media needs to not even show them. How Anti-American these Tea Parties are!!

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We're all learnin' from Orian
Hello?? my grandson is what the President is...he's 50% white, 50% black. Yes, I can back up my statement, look at the signs they carry. Look at the hate in them. look at the fact that most don't believe he was born in the U.S.
You remember when Bush lovers went nuts because people said he was AWOL for 6 months, oh the names, the traitors!
Everything this President does is socialism, OMG, even encouraging kids to stay in school...and parents are actually keeping their kids out of school! It's all connected. And it's a disgrace.
What my grandson is has EVERYTHING TO DO WITH IT.
I am tired of these dumbasses getting people scared out of their minds when their real reason for scaring the crap out of them is RACISM!
They had Bush for 8yrs to take this country down. I'll be damned if I'll sit by silently and let them do this crap.
And no, I don't just gripe on here, I try to find every way I can online, since I'm not able to get out and do what I'd like to do.
Thanks Grace Linda!
It's disgraceful!!!!! Can't say that strong enough. I feel ashamed of the things these low-life uneducated people are saying about our Gov't and President. The organizers are not uneducated, but are able to rile up the uneducated into yelling matches and hate mongering, the likes of which I haven't seen since the civil rights movement was in the forefront in the 60's. All we need now is for the hoods to come out of the closets and then what? I'm concerned about our country and the direction a few are making it seem like the country is going. Does this also make the media partly responsible for airing sooooo much of the stupidity. A story here and there would have sufficed and not this constant showing of the stupidity nite after nite.
When I get feeling that way, I have to remind myself, that at least in my opinion, the vast majority of people though quiet they may be, are somewhere in he middle. If we could just get that majority engaged and more vocal, perhaps, just perhaps, a more civil discourse and compromise might just happen. We somehow need to let the fringe from both sides know these actions are unacceptable. I hope that happens before something tragic happens.
Thanks, Bull. I do realize that the vast majority don't feel that way and I do have to remind myself of this. I just hate the fact that the lies are drowning out the good common sense of the vast majority and I can't stand listening to the few mindless people nite after nite. What's wrong with this picture. I do believe that the media is going for the sensationalism in their stories and are not doing a balanced job. It seems to be working on the politicians because they seem to think that all the noise at these town hall meetings is the way that most Americans feel. How do we conteract that without stooping to their level?
No, the majority do feel as you do. The media just doesn't focus on us. They give the power to the drama queens. I don't know how to counteract without stooping to their level, I've tried, doesn't work. So, stooping is what I've done, but I'll be called the rude one.
I don't care anymore and I think that is the way it needs to be
Oh yes...that's why I'm pissed. It's not falling apart, the crazies are pissed cuz their lying dumb ass Forest Gump is gone, Life is not like a box of Chocolates.
I don't give a crap about Bush, it's the BUSHNIKS that are Prebrainwashed that follow like sheep. They're a sick bunch.
The majority put Obama in office. If the govt is so bad, then everyone on medicare who feels that way, Get the hell off!! It's so bad, BUT I DON'T SEE TEA BAGGERS OUT THERE PROTESTING THE V.A!!
Entititlement, LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING, I'M ENTITLED TO BE ABLE TO GET INSURANCE!! But I can't because the assholes ripped me off and now I have PRE EXISTING CONDITIONS.
So, let the teabaggers stick that in their tea and shove it.
Police, Fire, Army, Navy, Air Force, FBI, Coast Guard, National Parks, Air Traffic Controllers, NASA, shall i go on? But of course that it not really the question is it?
Now name one insurance company that has been effective and efficient? Or just one that does not deny people for pre-existing conditions or deny payment on a technicallity even after you have paid premiums for years.
I was busy typing while you were posting...great minds a? :-D
Of course you are right.
Bear with me; I have a number of things to say and some questions…
First, Kathy? Can you be more specific? I’m not very bright and I need things spelled out for me. What are these failings? These broken promises? Do you have statistical comparisons between him and other Presidents to support that statement?
Second, isn’t Medicare a government run healthcare program? All in favor of privatizing Medicare say “Aye”. Didn’t think so.
Third…you asked for a “government run program that has been effective or efficient.” I offer the following:
The US Postal Service
The National Park Service
The Air Force, The Army, The Navy, The Coast Guard, The Marines
The Secret Service
Programs for Domestic Violence and programs for persons with handicaps and disabilities...

I have more, if you’re interested?
Oh, we have had two tea parties here in my area. Is it a big organization? Are they anti- stuff?




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