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Today, my idiot badge goes to the people who are behind the tea parties. They have used tactics to get people to follow blindly. Most can't even see the reality is racism.
But the absolute hatred that spews out of these followers mouth is amazing, yet, how many of them hang onto their bibles.
Most followers have let themselves get so scared, there's no way for them to know the truth.
The haters have found a cause to show their true racism.
And I guess if they're against the President, they're against the troops? Because that's what they said when people spoke against Bush.
Whatever, the media needs to not even show them. How Anti-American these Tea Parties are!!

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I haven't seen anything about guns at townhall meetings, can you give a link?
Once again, the racist? With the gun at the speaking engagement, was black. Seems that we conveniently ignore that little fact.
If that is all you care about then you are definitely a big part of the problem. Have you not feelings at all for the plight of others?
here is a link there are 100's of others
Thanks for doing the link, PA. I appreciate it.
To OrianB,
Didn't mean to post it twice, but hey, whatever,won't let me delete one, maybe he needs to hear it twice, since he was so nice.
Well isn't that nice, bless your heart.
This was to OrianB,
Figured I'd give back respect he gave
thought we could use some humor




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