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Today, my idiot badge goes to the people who are behind the tea parties. They have used tactics to get people to follow blindly. Most can't even see the reality is racism.
But the absolute hatred that spews out of these followers mouth is amazing, yet, how many of them hang onto their bibles.
Most followers have let themselves get so scared, there's no way for them to know the truth.
The haters have found a cause to show their true racism.
And I guess if they're against the President, they're against the troops? Because that's what they said when people spoke against Bush.
Whatever, the media needs to not even show them. How Anti-American these Tea Parties are!!

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If a minority person does not agree with me, it’s ok.
If I don’t agree with a minority person, it’s racism.
Then they wonder why we have all of the problems between races.
Level the playing field, then we can debate issues.
Tell me honestly that the actions of the right wing are not to a large degree based on race. If you can honestly do that then I will agree with you. What other reason could there be? Surely they do not want bad health care.

This is the mentality I get from these people
wrong, lol but if you hang with folks that don't call the president Hitler, or claim he isn't the president etc.. then yeah you got a problem with me. If on the other hand you want to discuss the health care issue, or the wars and how he is handling that cool.

Isn't this thread fun.
Maybe I should join the the debunk KKK.
It's not meant to be fun or funny. I am tired of idiots scaring the crap out of people, lying to them, getting them all out of their mind to go out and protests things that aren't even true!
I sat thru enough lies with Bush. I am not going to shutup about this. The people behind these "tea parties" are pissed cuz they lost and they're really pissed because a white person isn't President.
It's disgusting, it's disgraceful and I've had it!!
Thats right, GreatLady, he is as much white as he is black.
I am aware of what he is....he isn't WHITE. I know the difference, my grandson is half white, half black...guess what people see him as...black

You people like to say that as a way to let the racist off the hook. Guess what there are plenty of blacks that are even less black than he is , my mother happens to be one of them. However, the people that gathered at those parties could care less about Obama's white mother, he is black to them, OH until they are called racist and then they pull out the , 'He's half white" bullshit. Get fucking real, if we was any other man walking down any street in America, he would be seen as BLACK period. I am so fucking tired of that excuse. And your pretending otherwise is disgraceful.
I'm so fucking tired of you calling anyone who disagrees with the President racist...that's whats bullshit, that's whats disgraceful.
I don't give a shit if he is black, white, red, yellow, lime green or lavender. What I care about is, at the end of the day, do I have a little more jingle in my jeans?, is the quality of my life better or worse because of who is sitting in the Oval office.
It's not the disagreement that is racist, it's the bringing of guns to townhall meetings, the out and out lying about the Presidents wishes for health care improvements and any other issue that he espouses, the deep seated hatred that is being displayed. Debate about issues isn't being done right now. Debate about issues isn't what we are calling racist. Open your eyes. See what these people are doing to the country.




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