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There is a new group "TBD Stalwarts" listed in the "Groups Area of the main page. I would just like to make sure that everyone who participates  in the "Forum" is aware of this group.



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The non-heavily built and those with less than strapping physiques are going to claim discrimination.
I claim discrimination.
Or perhaps the 'TBD Swarthy', which would leave me out in the cold... Larry too, now that I think of it.

Thanks, Robbie, we need to stick together.
Go ahead and start the group Farquar. I'll be happy as long as you spell it correctly.
LJ, I like you just the way you are. Just keep not fitting in with us, you'll be fine.
I've always said that I like talking to myself because I enjoy intelligent discussions.
Me, too. Heh. Myself and I are not always in agreement, however.
Yep, at least you have somebody to talk to.
Hasa anyone sent Urkle the Date Sexy African Women ad?
My Google ads are way ahead of you - they've already got him reproducing!

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I always figured it had something to do with strapping tape.




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