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I love all my tbd friends. Over the past two years I have met(On the internet and in person) many tbd people. I have never in my lifetime met so many people with whom I could share stories, discussions and yes, tears and hopes for the future. My concern is; what about the ones who did not come across? where is Dallas, Fromz, spuff, Witchy and the many others that have droped out.? If you know where they are and how they are doing post the info here. Maybe we can entice them back.

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Some are at the place DannyO set up.

I know none of these people. What did you do Robbie????
Blondie, These were people that were on the original TBD when I first came on. About two years ago. Some were here all the time. They were a great bunch and are missed. I don't think I ran them off. Well, maybe. (:>)
You're at 30 plus meets now right Robbie? I'm jealous, I'm at 6 and I'll never catch you. At least when we finally meet, we each get one more. lol
Robbie, if you find a way let me know. . . I'm not giving up! I hope those people and others find their way back.
Purplestar. She used to be the queen of the Q and A.
I know. ;-)
<---------So is she...;-D
Queenie R(Angie) was one of my first friends at TBD in The Welcome Lounge. Her and Mikayla. RRC was there too, and she is still with me and here. Queenie R helped me change my life a bit, I am thankful for that.
Fromz is doing OK, he will not come back on TBD he said. He graduated and is certified massage therapist now. The hard part is to find a job . He is making it, but is not easy. Robbie when you are coming to the Coast next time let me know ahead of time and he might be able to come own and meet you too. Or if you go close to Jackson let me know, you may be able to meet Witchy too.
I too, have been curious as to Chez's whereabouts. Before our computer crashed she always seemed to be on here and in the month or more that we've been back online we haven't heard a peep. I sent her a p/m and have yet to hear from her.




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