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Despite having merged, Ometepe’s members are sticking together and staying loyal to their cult leader, Rob Mariano, who has fed them so much Kool-Aid they didn’t even eat fish the other tribe members caught. Their alliance, as we learned from a hilarious Phillip speech at the second Tribal Council, is called “Stealth ‘R’ Us”.

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Right on!

Oh man! Finally a challenge worthy of being on survivor. All those tile stacking and tile breaking on RI was just driving me nuts. It's good to see an old fashioned survivor challenge that left the contestants spent. Kudos to Rob for winning it and also to Grant and Andrea for finishing very close second and third. Also it's a shame that someone from RI is gonna wind up in the final three after finishing 3rd out of 4 in a tile breaking contest. RI can't go away quickly enough for me.
Bye, Steve. I could never quite get a handle on you. Half the time you fought to stay, and the other half you clearly stated you didn’t want to be there. But since I never want to see a Dallas Cowboy win my favorite game that is not played on a football field, I am glad your chances of victory are now officially extinguished. Hail to the Jets, baby!

If I were Rob, I would target Grant next. Of all the Ometepe left, he stands the best chance of beating Rob because he could at least make the case that he did well in challenges. And because he does so well in challenges, he could go on a run to make it to the finals.
I think that Rob hasn't targeted Grant yet because he needs all hands on deck for when one of the RI people return. By keeping Grant around he doubles his chances of beating that person and sending them on their way. He does run the risk of Grant going on a run, but Grant seems like a pretty loyal guy. Not a great player, but loyal. I don't think he'll act before Rob does. Plus, if he's an ex-football player he might be in it more for the experience than the money. He doesn't really seem to want it that badly. So Rob doesn't want to betray him too early, only to risk having him come back with a vendetta against Rob.

Is next week the last time Rob can play the idol?
Unless one of the minions finally realizes this is a game and makes a power move, Rob has won it. While I have said Rob's tribe is just a bunch of followers and have said things would be different if he were on Zapatera, I'm definitely not knocking his social game. Hell, he's played such a hard social game this season he's got these people wrapped around his finger. He is so in charge that he made his tribe always travel in pairs to not get lured to the other side and no one complained about it. It's amazing.

But I do hope Phillip makes it to the final Tribal so we can hear this argument he has that he knows will make Rob lose. THAT I want to hear.

Mike's move was dumb because should he return to the game he already has the jury majority, unless some person changed their mind (maybe Dave).

Seriously though, WTF happened to the Survivor auction? Not happy!
Philip, I believe, is Keyser Soze.



I sprayed my laptop!!!!!!!!!!!!! And damned near choked!!!!

ROFL! If he pulls this off, and convinces a jury that he's Keyser, and he wins it all, I will DIE!!!!!

OMG! That's waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyy funny!!!!

Phillip, who this week revealed himself to be crazy by design. During the family visit, he told his sister, he's prepared to go crazy if he has to and his flip-outs are salt in the wound to make sure folks don’t forget that he is the villain. Phillip also said, that he thinks he could defeat Rob. I’m not so sure about that, but having Phillip think that he's one more piece of insurance that Rob can use to stick around and bulldoze through the rest of his tribe.

Maxim wrote: Mike's move was dumb


Yes, and his inspiration for it was something Jesus said in one of the Gospels.  Mike should read to the end and see where that got Jesus.  Another name for Redemption Island: The Garden of Gethsemane.  And Tribal Council is the courtyard of Pontius Pilate.  Sure, Mike can resurrect to life after the crucifixion, but without the $1 million wrapped in his grave clothes.

Excellet post Tim. And great reference! I read your post several times and laughed even harder each time!
When Ashley won immunity, I knew Grant would be the target.

This is bad for Rob....real bad....and it's gonna get real REAL good....can't wait!!!
Grant is still in the game and can get back in by winning the duel at Redemption Island. And eight different people still have a chance at the loot. My preseason pick to win it all was Ashley, so I should be rooting for her to make myself look smart, but I'd rather have to live with the Medallion of Power around my neck for the rest of my life than do that. Natalie? In my book you have to be able to spell the word "win" to earn it. Phillip? Entertaining, but the guy was brought along as a joke and it would be a joke if he won. I also personally have a hard time rooting for anyone already voted out of the game and at Redemption because of the huge advantage with the jury they get, although if one of them has to take it, I'd like to see it be Mike, because — unlike Matt — he actually attempted to strategize, and he also has beaten Matt in three out of four challenges. But the person who clearly deserves to win it all is Rob. He has dominated from start to finish. In fact, you'd have to call it one of the most dominating performances in Survivor history, if not the most dominating performance. Granted, the competition was nonexistent, but that's not Rob's fault. Plus, he's the one who made them nonexistent.




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