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Is this going to be part and parcel of the new site? 'Cause, you know, I'm not sure if I'm comfortable with a shot of my 'back porch' yet. Am I going to get kicked out if I don't give in to the peer pressure?

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OMG Jack,,,,LMAO....;)
People are bolder on the net than in person. Frankly, as a nurse, I've seen thousands of butts. Enough!
Wanda is this what you call a disappearing.....oh never mind....LOL
All this before dinner...maybe I'll skip another meal.

Oh, don't call us all Asses. I mean, some of us are foolish and some are just down right Butt Heads, but we are not Backsides and/or Asses. We be gentle folk. We just like to sit.

I saw the biggest "bootie" yesterday. Ya know how you will sometimes comment on a person's beautiful sweater or their car? Or quietly tell them they have food on their face? I felt like sharing with the poor darling girl, "You have a gigantic booty, Hunny Bunny, and it is out there today."

I was not a Backside. I didn't say a thing.
I saw Butthead the other day and have been looking around for Beavis.
Hmmm I roasted one of those this weekend with my special mix of spices. Oooops not that kind huh?

It's kdblake isn't it? I know I kinda wish I had advance notice too....then I could take my glasses off and not be frightened.....! LOL
We just got KD to get rid of the naked act and now you bring this backside thing up. I'm afraid KD's going to backslide and we'll all be covering our eyes again! lol




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