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With all of the news lately about what a poison sugar is to our bodies, I thought it was timely to post this sugar quiz.
Sugars and Sweeteners
"You got 9 out of 18; You scored 50%; Average user score is 50%." 
I was surprised that my low score is the average user score!
How did you do?

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Congratulations! Your results are posted below along with the average of all others who have taken this quiz.

You got 11 out of 18 correct

You scored a 61%

Average user score is 50%

11/18, 61%.  I remembered some of the questions.


Well 50 percent for me.

11/18; 61%

You got 10 out of 18 correct

You scored a 56%

Average user score is 50%

Being I've been a diabetic since 1997, this isn't a very good score

Back to the books!

11/18. I was pretty happy with what I knew. I generally did not know the fancy scientific names otherwise I did very well.

Don't feel bad, mqm - I NEVER know any of those fancy scientific names in ANY of these quizzes!!

18/18 - clean sweep.  I had to guess on a couple of them, but I guessed right.  

Congrats Serenity!

You got 7 out of 18 correct

You scored a 39%

Oh well......another failed test. At least I know more about sugar now....lol.

Me too, Woody!!




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