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St. Peter's Basilica being struck by lightening hours after the pope's resignation surprise  the close bypass of an asteroid coming today, a floating sewage container with 4000 passengers, a revisit of Waco, a necessary, unnecessary filibuster, a drink of water, ketchup now owed by a Buffet not a Heinz no matter what the 57 kinds, an American fly's alone in a sky without the US and then a 10 ton meteorite over Russia explodes causing damage and hurting people.

Serious doings to be sure, and all can be viewed from the tower on the grassy knoll as some how being, well, being related, or not.

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I like many things Darroll unlike the true blue patriot right wingers with there automatic weapons to protect themselves from the country they love. Kind of strange don't you think?

Plus the Federal Government accepted my IRS Tax Return (so they say).

Over a million cows have left Texas.

The government trying to take automatic (semi) weapons start with knowing the difference between a bolt action and a AK47.

When they take our guns, I will go to my local dope dealer and buy another.

It's like cigarettes and all the taxes they expect to get. You can buy cigarettes from your local dope dealer cheaper than your favorite store.

It’s too hard for the powers to be to catch a nut with a gun so they go after the hunters as they are easier to bag. They fire up all the people by telling them there are millions of people hunting deer with a AR15 with a thirty shot clip. Anybody that object to these new laws are called horrible names.

America will be known as a country where most of the people are criminals.



What a load of bullshit. Watch out for those black helicopters that are coming to get you.

Them black helicopters fly over my farm all the time.


Strange how they all look black in the dark, isn't it.  The guy that wrote the first "Black Helicopter" book also dabbled in science fiction. Jim Keith (September 21, 1949 – September 7, 1999). American author best known for the book  "Black Helicopters Over America".

Just an interesting note, while the guy was working with a crew to set up some Burning Man Festival stuff he had an accident and had to be taken to the hospital for some not too serious operation. The guy says, "If I go in, I don't think I will come out."  He gets a one out of million blood clot that kills him. But at least he felt important in the end in feeling that he was so important that some vast shadow government was expending resources to do him in.

luaghing..black helicopters

Ah, I see - So your local dope dealer is okay to have around - As long as he's offering YOU bargain prices on things you want.

But, if he sells something "illegal" to somebody other than you, then the BUYER is a no-good scumbag junkie. Off to jail with you, miscreant !


Just as long as the drug dealer remains free and unencumbered to sell YOU cheap stuff, you see no problem with that arrangement. And conservatives wonder why liberals see them as self-serving and unfair.

I'm going to protect myself and my family.

If I can't find a stick, I will look until I find one.


I've got some rocks , I'll sell you mad cheap!!!!!!




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