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Our Suzan Brink ! How I love you lady and what great honor it is to be your friend! Happy happy happy birthday baby! Thankyou for all the wonderful gifts you have shared with me over these years! (I was absolutely floored when the flowers came and poor tom...well, poor tom. I love, love,love you! Jackie

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Happy Birthday, Dodger!!
Happy Birthday wonderful lady.

No way am I telling him to relax! he's WAT TOOO relaxed already! HB baby, HB!
The same with me. I am pretty sick and it may be a while.that makes me sad. and theres other things. Today I got a kid to take care of thats in big trouble. But dear friend, know that I love you, and godwilling, we'll share 'nazdrowje's' (sp?) soon. I love, love, love you. Jackie, Mother insanity, SOMETIMES.
WTF! How did I miss this? Where was I? Dementia sucks!

Happy belated birthday sweetheart! May I call you Auntie Dodger now that you're older? Smooch!
For the most part I agree, dementia sucks. But it has its upsides, too. Like forgetting that nasty thing you just said to the guy down the street,,, Love you!




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