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It seems that after reading all the responses, I have my answer. None of these phony scandals mean anything to the left. They are all made up lies by those damn right wingers.


Let's see what happens on these investigations and perhaps some truths will come out.


Did you know that the IRS has giveb congress hundreds of pages totaly blacked out, and calls this cooperation?  


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a) that is not what we said.....you spin it however you wish tho....

b) where is the verification for your assertion and if true, what was the reason for blacking out sections? if there were blackouts, could it be the irs was protecting private information from being made public? after all, tax records show a lot of things that can lead to identity theft and the irs could be sued for not taking the proper steps to safeguard that information. and you KNOW that information would be made public

and if you think that is silly, then go ahead and post your social security number, your bank account numbers and other info....

funny how this works....you must be getting the talking points....and the very fact you listen to issa is suspect...go look up his history and record...tax dodges, auto theft, illegal weapons....and here he is just trying to claw his way up the pack toward alpha status.....and by the by....there was a fact check a while back by a non partisan group who found the republicans had a 60 [per cent nontruth factor in their claims versus a factor of about 28 per cent for the democrats. you really might think about what that says about h\ow the republican legislators view YOU...(the word dumbshit springs to mind...followed by easily bamboozled)

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A GOP lawmaker accused the Internal Revenue Service of obstructing congressional investigations into the agency's targeting of tea party groups, a charge the head of the IRS denied.

Rep. Darrell Issa, R-Calif., chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said the IRS has been slow in producing documents that are so thoroughly blacked out they are useless to investigators.

Issa said he plans to bypass IRS lawyers and will subpoena documents directly from the Treasury Department, which oversees the IRS.

"You are slow-rolling us," Issa told acting IRS head Danny Werfel in a heated exchange during a committee hearing Friday. "There are important facts to get out, and you are obstructing."

"That is not true," Werfel fired back.

Werfel said that by the end of the day Friday, the IRS will have given more than 16,000 pages of documents to Issa's committee and more than 70,000 pages to Congress as a whole. Werfel said documents are blacked out to protect confidential taxpayer information.

Issa's committee does not have legal authority to receive confidential taxpayer information. In Congress, that authority is reserved for the chairmen of the two tax-writing committees, House Ways and Means and Senate Finance, and their designated staff.

Even the Republican Congress with its 8% approval rating are embarrassed, but not CapeCod.

I thought there was something familiar there.




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