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So here we are looking around, taking a peek... hanging out.

On some thread a bit ago, some one said how annoying the FB was with all the trivial updating goings on.

Personally, I don't think my daily updating is all that interesting but some times I really feel the need to share.  My kitties don't give a whit and the bird...well, he lives in his own world.  His updates would mostly involve "lived another day"..."got some of that shredded stuff again (cheese)"  etc.

Mostly, I have you fine folks to droll on about my meager existence and occasional moments of wonderful.


So, here you go...Keep it brief...mundane with a bit of intrigue.

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I keep a special file of things like that:  Threatening letters from crazy neighbors, death threats from psychotic students, editorials by officers of organizations I have been active with.  Yesterday I finally shredded personnel files from 2001 of 2 people who resigned after unsuccessful accommodation for them on my part.  I would have saved them, too,  except for their confidential nature.

They all go to show that you can't please everybody and if nobody has a complaint against you, then you haven't really been trying hard enough.

Keep up the good work, Bob.

Good advice.....Much oblidged, Ma'am....

Call it as you see it Cowboy.....Some peeps  embellish  when they shouldn't.

I will.....

A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. 

I've had a box of hair color in my cabinet for the last year.  I just can't bring myself to open it.  I wish I had a girlfriend who would force me into it.

okey- doky lets see if i've got this rite on my postits

-Goldi and Jaylee thank yuo abuot making haerts but I need to make a key board overlay and get some help in person.

-TeeBubbaDee Graet Holoween moth! DANG that suckers huge.

--Bob cookie eatin' man. 3 dozen by yuor self, at one sittin'???

-Jaylee laugh my a** off Michigan map! I mite have to steel that and rite New York on it.

-Slim I reely enjoy NCIS also but not fig newtons. Now we are into NCIS rerun season ffft. I'm thinkin' Magee looks bad skinny.

-TeeBubbs furniture repiar legs and caneing? We want pictures modest boy!

-Bobs stinkin' no good chevy!!!! $#@%$#*&%$!!!!!!! Kick the chevy deeler-I'm rite behind ya!

-Bob dumped from gruop?!?!?! WTH (Bobs like the mellowest guy in the frickin universe) let me at um!

-Baia knows how to cover her butt (spy stuff) jeez I'm wondering if I shuold be keepin a baot load of documentatoin (?)!!!

-Jaylee smoooches Cowboy (and drops hint on ratfink)

-TeeBubba does the " man walk" with Bob.  Man freinds- none of the butt grabbin' tho- like the football guys-NOOOOOO

-Slim freting abuot posible hiar dieing. I died once (a rince) then desided I kinda liked white temple hiar. If it bugs yuo die it girlfreind help or not.


I love yuo guys.



DD. I'll post some pics when I'm done with the chairs. I wish I had taken some "before" pics.

I heer ya on the  cool visual impact of " befor" and "after" photographs. I always forget to take them to. I wil keep a eye open for yuor" After" pics!

I do believe the car is fixed now. Insulation had rubbed off a wire and was shorting out against the block....new electrical conduit installed.

Everything else will fall into place.

DD......you really know how to catch up quick. Good too see you around.


 eeeeww I hate electrical proplems in a car!!!! One tiny wire can sure make yuor life misery. I am very glad that yuor chevy is rolling agian.

One time I lost my steering on the old dodge and had to have the steering (?) box replaced. Cant remember the name of the part. Anyways, the mechanic had to drop the steering wheel colum to fix it. After a cuople of weeks I lost ALL of my lites. ....man o man I sat under that truck for days tracking wireing from the bumper to the wireing harness. Long story short. I finaly droped the steering collum (agian) and fuond where the mechanic crushed the wires to my lites . The short was hidden under a little plate.

 I matbe hate car computer problems as bad as wireing problems.

 yep and yep usualy things do fall in place.

 I sumerized my postits prety fast, but I red each of yuor posts slowly.


....that's good, cause I talk slow and type even slower.....




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