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There's so much social media on the internet.  Other than this site, how many are you on?  Do you have a favorite one?

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I do the Barnes and Noble community forums, this one, Over The Hill and Boomerville.Have no favorite, but spend lots of time on B&N because I read a lot.Am one face book, but make no posting there, too public.

Other than my internet account and my membership here, I am “off the grid”. 

Don’t even own a cell phone anymore.  I have reason to believe Sprint “crams” their bill.  If they can do it, I suppose the others are padding their accounts, as well. 

Helen, do you frequent Facebook and/or other sites, and if so…may I enquire as to why?

I'm on Facebook, because it keeps me in touch with my kids antics.  I also like it to watch how the grown kids of my ex's family are doing.  Divorce causes you to lose a whole family.  My sons don't even hear from them.  Facebook keeps me in touch with them.  I've also found a couple of old friends from years ago.  I don't post much, because then my ex comments and my blood boils. 

I belong to this one....Boomerville......and Facebook. I check the timeline everyday, but don't often post. It's the best way to find out what my daughters and granddaughters are up to. And I steal photos of my great grandkids off their pages; otherwise I would never see those pictures, since no one takes pictures that you can actually hold in your hand or put in a frame anymore! I reunited with my ex step daughter on FB.....and an old friend from my high school years. I never post anything personal, and I do what I can to dissuade my granddaughters from doing that, too.

Karin, it's amazing what some of the younger folks put on FB.  I would die before I talked about the things they do.  Even when I was really sick two years ago no one really knew, unless I emailed them.  The people that needed to know knew.  My kids and my best friend. 

I do FB also. Mostly for the reasons you guys mention. I also have joined a FB group that started up when EONS crashed. Baseball related. I do post a lot there, but otherwise I just read what people say. The birthday reminders there help as I am bad at remembering them. What cracks me up is these people who have 700 friends. Really?? Is this a popularity contest?

I have 57. About 6 of them are people I don't know that well. The rest are family and people I cherish.

Mine are my kids, ex's family, cousins and mostly friends from years ago or when I was working.  I have about 40 something.  My best friend is on their too, but we never communicate of FB

Hi Karin.....nice photo of yourself

Hi, Stranger! Thanks for the compliment. I like the picture you are using, too. I tried to send you a note....but it said I had to be your friend, so.....

Hi everybody. I hope all is well with everyone. I belong to facebook boomerville and TBD. I also belong to a couple of private groups on facebook. I use FB to keep in touch with friends and family. I come over here as often as I can, I just don't have enough time to visit as much as I would like to. 

Goodness, too many, I forget where I said what :(




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