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Anyone planning a party for December 20th?

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Okay, everyone can relax now. My Mayan insurance agent just sent me the 2013 Mayan calendar.

Breaking news out of Lickskillet, AL. This investigative reporter contacted the Mayans this morning for an exclusive interview. George and Ethyl Mayan, who live up the holler, said that indeed Dec. 21 was going to be a life changing day. For the first time in their life, they are going to leave the county and go to Gulf Shores for Christmas. The Mayans deny rumors that they left writings on stele in Mexico proclaiming the end of the world. Neither one can write and they've never even been to Mexico. Since they never had children and George was an only child, this is apparently the end of the Mayans.

Now, the weather.

Dang, it's cold.

Back to you, Bob.

One of the Best.  Replies.  Ever!  :D

heck i don't mind penis piercing.....long as it's not mine...just like i don't mind stapling it to treetrunks or tying it to cars which are then driven off at high rates of speed...long as it's not mine...

but you looked!

No worries....

I don't know why it's such a big deal that the Mayan calendar suddenly ended. 

You know what else suddenly ended? 

The Mayans.

Yeah, too bad their not here to see their end.

I love this one ...




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