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  I got the message that Robin sent,so what option are you going to take Robin? Just wondering as you are able to go to a premium site and still keep it free for your members by making money on ads,etc.

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Hate to be the pessimist Hey You, but that was what was tried and failed with the original TBD.
Don't work because this age group doesn't buy much stuff from ads on social networking sites.
Not as a successor to teebeedee.ning, but perhaps as temporary shelter, I've re-enabled public-spectacle.com:


If you already had an account, everything should be right where you left it. If you didn't have an account, feel free to sign up for one, or lurk for a while.
Thanks Danny
Thanks so much, DannyO.
There are many people from other ning networks looking at other sites and they have some promising sites, so I would ask everyone to be patient.
Good advise as always Bull
I wasn't blaming her or anyone...she's the creator of this ning site,so I just thought I'd ask.Nothing personal intended.I know that alot of ppl like tee bee dee,that is why I asked.Wasn't aware of other discussion or wouldn't have asked at all.




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