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Last night I imposed on you nice folks about all my problems. Most have been taken care of. Thanks to the goodnes of Larry he is really not angry at me. I will get next Friday off for working last night, and I caught that damn mouse. Now friends, he took the bait very quickly after I set the trap. Now I have something with bugged out eyes, under my sink and I do not want to touch it. My daughter will not help me, because I killed a living thing. My grandchild is a sissy girl, and my neighbors speak no english.

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BBQ at blondie's its BYOB but she just killed some fresh meat...mmmmmm
If it's not enough this will help to stretch it for a crowd...

He is gone. I will start a THREAD on how to keep them from coming back. That was a nasty job. Jukkkk
Mmm....Armadillo Meat.




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