TBD on Ning

Via internet stream you can listen to a variety of interesting music.

Google WQNA to find the stream. The show is called Fear and Loathing in Springfield and it airs 6 - 9PM CST on Sunday evenings.

It may uplift the downtrodden and down trod the uplifted. Some may faint, others may experience moments of rage and in some cases hilarity.

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It's funny, but Draughn has the same birthday as Ray Charles, Roy Buchanan and Broooooooce; It was one of the determining factors in the covers I chose last night. (I've got about two dozen "Eleanor Rigby" covers - But only Ray was born on the 23rd - Which is about as close to sentiment as I ever like to get...)

Yer welcome.

Very cool.

Thank you again, Snagg.

Draughn had an encyclopedic memory for music/musicians, loved all kinds of music, as I do, and always had a song on his lips. We used music to communicate so many important feelings.

I think you guys would have liked one another.

WQNA "Fear & Loathing In Springfield" set list, September 30th, 2018....

"October", Sun Ra and the Astro Infinity Arkestra, "The Singles"
"Animal Square Dance", Emo Phillips, "E=mo2"
"(Meet) The Flintstones" (Hoyt Curtin), Cub Koda, "Abba Dabba Dabba (A Bananza Of Hits)"

"I Want Results", the Obits, "Moody, Standard & Poor"
"Don't Go", Moaning, "Moaning"
"I'm Scum", Idles, "Joy As An Act Of Resistance"
"Turn Your Color", The Men, "Campfire Songs"
"Epilogue", Mourn, "Sorpresa Familia"

"Bad Vibrations", the Black Angels, "Phosphene Dream"
"Sheriff Jack", the Red Krayola, "God Bless The Red Krayola And All Who Sail With It"
"One Per Customer", Wussy, "What Heaven Is Like"
"The Garden Of Fainting Stars", the Book of Knots, "Garden Of Fainting Stars"
"Psychedelic Sewing Room", Bongwater, "Too Much Sleep"
"Always Trying To Work It Out", Low, "Double Negative"

"Edith", Buick MacKane, "The Pawn Shop Years"
"Johnny In The Boudoir", Congo Norvell, "Abnormals Anonymous"
"Secret Corrida", John Cale, "Walking On Locusts"
"Five Years", David Bowie, "Welcome To The Blackout"
"Trapped", Iggy Pop and Underworld, "Teatime Dub Encounters"

"Do Yourself In", Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears, "The Difference Between You And Me"
"I Got Something To Tell You", Charles Caldwell, "Remember Me"
"Too Good To Be True", Jim James, "Uniform Distortion"
"20 Scarlet Monkeys (Room 201)", Darin Bennett, "20 Scarlet Monkeys"
"Got Soul", Valeri June, "The Order Of Time"

"You Can't Reach Me", Richard Thompson, "13 Rivers"
"James Dean's Car", Jason Ringenberg, "All Over Creation"
"Round Too Long", Robbie Fulks & Linda Gail Lewis, "Wild ! Wild ! Wild !"
"Teenage Luggage", Alejandro Escovedo with Don Antonio, "The Crossing"
"Are You An Entertainer", Jon Langford & the Sadies, "Mayor Of The Moon"

"Higgs Boson Blues", Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds, "Live From KCRW"
"Must Be Right", the Black Diamond Heavies, "Live As Fuck"
"The Final Course", Mudhoney, "LiE"
"Female Trouble" (Divine), the Melvins, "Everybody Loves Sausage"
"Hand Of Law", Radio Birdman, "Live In Texas"

"Summertime" (George Gershwin / BuBose Heyward), Jacqui Naylor, "You Don't Know Jacq"
"Summertime Blues" (Eddie Cochran), the Flaming Lips, "Hear It Is"

"You're Gonna Change (Or I'm Gonna Leave)" (Hank Williams), the Screaming Blue Messiahs, "Gun Shy"
"Million Miles" (Bob Dylan), Alvin Youngblood Hart, "Tangled Up In Blues"

"Green Onions" (Booker T & the MG's), Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers, "The Live Anthology"
"Carol" (Chuck Berry), JD McPherson, "Pabst Blue Ribbon Lounge Sessions"
"Lookin' For A Love" (the Valentinos), Jack O & the Tennessee Tearjerkers, "Don't Throw Your Love Away"
"Keep A Knockin'" (Little Richard), the Sonics, "Live At Easy Street"

"Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain" (Willie Nelson), Sally Timms and Jon Langford, "Songs Of False Hope And High Values"
"Wrecking Ball" (Neil Young), Emmylou Harris, "Wrecking Ball"

"Johnny Reb" (Johnny Horton), Blood On The Saddle, "New Blood"
"Lookin' Out My Back Door" (Creedence Clearwater Revival), Children Of Bodom, "Skeletons In The Closet"

The "James Bond" Theme (Monty Norman), REvOrganDRum, "Hi-Fi Stereo"
"Maggie May" (Rod Stewart & the Faces), Blur, "Ruby Trax: The NME's Roaring 40"

"Jupiter (Op. 32)" (Gustav Holst), the Portsmouth Sinfonia, "Plays The Popular Classics"

The "Underdog" Theme (Chester Stover / W. Watts Biggers / Treadwell Covington / Joseph Harris), the Butthole Surfers, "Saturday Morning: Cartoon's Greatest Hits"
"Blockheads" (Ian Dury & the Blockheads), Grant Nichols & the Blockheads, "Brand New Boots And Panties"

WQNA "Fear & Loathing in Springfield" set list, October 7th, 2018....

"I Discovered America", Graham Parker, "Don't Tell Columbus"
"Columbus", Burning Spear, "Hail H.I.M."
"Drone Operator", Jon Langford and Skull Orchard, 2012 single
"Take Me To The Fires", the Waco Brothers, "Cowboy In Flames"
"O Money", the Mekons, "Existentialism"

"What's My Name ?", Jon Langford, "Four Lost Souls"
"Building Our Own Prison", the Waco Brothers, "Going Down In History"
"Funeral", the Mekons, "Curse Of The Mekons"
"Lost In America", Jon Langford, "Gold Brick"

"Rich Woman Blues", Tony Joe White, "Bad Mouthin'"
"Overtime", Benjamin Booker, "Witness"
"Folsom Prison Blues" (Johnny Cash), the Mekons, "Where Were You ? (Hen's Teeth and other lost fragments of popular culture)", Vol. 2
"Face In The Scene", Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears, "The Difference Between You And Me"

"Goddam Blue Yodel #7", Slim Cessna's Auto Club, "Always Say Please And Thank You"
"Who You Love", the Wolf Crick Boys, "War & Peace"
"Foolmaker", Robbie Fulks and Linda Gail Lewis, "Wild ! Wild ! Wild !"
"Sinnerman", 16 Horsepower, "Folklore"

"The Plans We Made", Jon Langford, Sally Timms & the Pine Valley Cosmonauts, "The Executioner's Last Songs", Vol. 1
"Big Zombie", the Mekons, "The Edge Of The World"
"Trap Door", Jon Langford, "Skull Orchard Revisited"
"Walking On Hell's Roof, Looking At The Flowers", the Waco Brothers, "Electric Waco Chair"
"Days And Nights", Jon Langford & Skull Orchard, 2014 single
"Killer Ken", the Mekons, "Devils, Rats & Piggies: A Special Message From Godzilla"

"Cherry Blossom Rain", Alejandro Escovedo and Don Antonio, "The Crossing"
"The Storm Won't Come", Richard Thompson, "13 Rivers"

"Neglect", the Mekons, "Journey To The End Of The Night"
"Vote God", the Killer Shrews, "The Killer Shrews"
"How Fast The Time", the Waco Brothers, "Freedom And Weep"
"Eve Future", the Mekons, "Retreat From Memphis"
"Torches Of Liberty", the Three Johns, "The World By Storm"
"Sputnik 7", Jon Langford, "All The Fame Of Lofty Deeds"
"Memphis, Egypt", the Mekons, "The Mekons Rock And Roll"

"Milk Cow Blues" (Kokomo Arnold), the Nomads, "Showdown ! !981-1993"
"The Slummer The Slum" (the 5 Royales), the Detroit Cobras, "Mink, Rat Or Rabbit"
"Come On" (Chuck Berry), the Bottle Rockets, "Brown-Eyed Handsome Man: St. Louis Salutes Chuck Berry"
"Too Much Monkey Business" (Chuck Berry), the Yardbirds, "Five Live Yardbirds"
"I Believe To My Soul" (Ray Charles), Hunters & Coillectors, "The Way To Go Out"

"Homework" (Otis Rush), Nine Below Zero, "Live At The Marquee"
"Baby, Don't You Do It" (Marvin Gaye), The Who, "Who's Next" (Reissue)
"Somebody's Been Sleeping" (100 Proof Aged In Soul), the Woggles, "Souled Out"

"Monkey See, Monkey Do" (Sam the Sham & the Pharoahs), Southern Culture On The Skids, "Countrypolitan Favorites"
"Little Sister" (Elvis Presley), the Morells, "The Morells Anthology: 101 Songs About Cars, Girls And Food"
"Luci Baines" (the American Four), the A-Bones, "Ears Wide Open"
"Seventh Son" (Willie Mabon), Dan Baird, "Out Of Mothballs"

"Yesterday" (the Beatles), Cathy Berberian, "Revolution"
"Yesterday" (the Beatles), John Lennon, "Anthology"
"Yesterday" (the Beatles), the Punkles, "PUNK !"

"The Sounds Of Silence" (Simon & Garfunkel), the Dickies, "We Aren't The World"
"I Left My Heart In San Francisco" (Tony Bennett), MX80, "Das Love Boat"
"A Lover's Concerto" (the Toys), Mrs. MIller, "Mrs. Miller's Greatest Hits"

"Ba-Lue-Bolivar-Ba-Lues-Are" (Thelonious Monk), Eugene Chadbourne and Camper van Beethoven, "Camper van Chadbourne"
"Freddie's Dead" (Curtis Mayfield), the Jazz Soul Seven, "Impressions Of Curtis Mayfield"

"Too Much Time" (Captain Beefheart & the Magic Band), Gary Lucas and Nona Hendryx, "The World Of Captain Beefheart"
"The Overload" (the Talking Heads), Angelique Kidjo, "Remain In Light"

"The Little Red Rooster" (Howlin' Wolf), the Jesus and Mary Chain, "Ruby Trax: The NME's Roaring 40"
"Head On" (the Jesus and Mary Chain), the Pixies, "Trompe le Monde"

"Enter Sandman" (Metallica), Richard Cheese, "Apertif For Destruction"
"Enter Sandman" (Metallica), the Cold Blue Rebels, "Rockabilly and Psychobilly Madness"

WQNA "Fear & Loathing in Springfield" set list, October 14th, 2018....

"When I See An Elephant Fly" (Oliver Wallace & Ned Washington), Robbie Fulks, "O Mickey, Where Art Thou ?"
"Memphis Never Falls From Style", Robbie Fulks and Linda Gail Lewis, "Wild ! Wild ! Wild !"
""", Robbie Fulks, "Doberman v50"
"Busy Not Crying", Robbie Fulks, "South Mouth"
"Dancing On The Ashes", Robbie Fulks, "Couples In Trouble"

"Goodbye, Good Lookin'" Robbie Fulks, "Revenge !"
"Goodbye Cruel Girl", Robbie Fulks, "Georgia Hard"
"That's Why They Call It Temptation", Robbie Fulks and Linda Gail Lewis, "Wild ! Wild ! Wild !"
"Parallel Bars", Robbie Fulks, "The Very Best Of Robbie Fulks"
"Tears Only Run One Way", Robbie Fulks, "Country Love Songs"
"Carolina", Robbie Fulks, "Let's Kill Saturday Night"
"A Miracle", Robbie Fulks, "Upland Stories"

"Sweet Tooth", King Khan & the Shrines, "The Supreme Genius of King Khan"
"You're Toast", the Electric Six, "Bride Of The Devil"
"Rottweiler", Idles, "Joy As An Act Of Resistance"
"Kinski 101", Kinski, "Accustomed To Your Face"

"Riverside", Steve Wynn & the Miracle 3, "Graciously"
"Bad Time To Be An Outlaw", the Bottle Rockets, "Bit Logic"
"Refute", Stephen Malkmus & the Jicks, "Sparkle Hard"
"MC Overload", Alejandro Escovedo and Don Antonio, "The Crossing"
"Yeah Bones", Kurt Vile, "Bottle It Up"

"Hemmin' And Hawin'", Black Joe Lewis & the Honeybears, "The Difference Between You And Me"
"Searching For Madge", Fleetwood Mac, "Then Play On"
"She", Parker Millsap, "Other Arrangements"
"Bad Mouthin'", Tony Joe White, "Bad Mouthin'"
"She Breaks", Booker T. Jones (w/ the Drive By Truckers), "Potato Hole"

"Rock Island Line" (Leadbelly), Little Richard and Fishbone, "Folkways: A Vision Shared"
"Predicament # 2", Swamp Dogg, "Rat On !"
"Total Destruction To Your Mind" (Swamp Dogg), Eric Ambel, "Roscoe's Gang"

"I Can't Quit You, Baby" (Otis Rush), Nine Below Zero, "Live At The Marquee"
"Lonely Avenue" (Ray Charles), Van Morrison, "Too Long In Exile"

"Framed" (the Robins), Jerry Reed, "Koko Joe"
"Eastbound And Down" (Jerry Reed), the Pimps, "Wouldn't It Be Great To Have All These Songs On One Album ?"

"Brown-Eyed Handsome Man" (Chuck Berry), Mitch Ryder, "Where Now My Love"
"Do You Love Me ?" (the Contours), Johnny Thunders & the Heartbreakers, "L.A.M.F."
"Henrietta" (Jimmy Dee & the Offbeats), the A-Bones, "Ears Wide Open"

"Purple Haze" (the Jimi Hendrix Experience), the Flames, "Burning Soul !"
"Psychotic Reaction" (the Count Five), Shockabilly, "Dawn Of Shockabilly"
"The Man In Me" (Bob Dylan), Stan Ridgway and Skip Heller, "Fakebook"
"All Along The Watchtower" (Bob Dylan), Paul Weller, "Studio 150"

""Heroes"" (David Bowie), TV On The Radio, "War Child presents 'Heroes' "
"Fame" (David Bowie), Stick Figure, "Hero: The MainMan Records Tribute to David Bowie"

"Superman" (the Clique), R.E.M., "Life's Rich Pageant"
"Everybody Hurts" (R.E.M.), Patti Smith, "Twelve"

"Doo Wah Diddy Diddy" (Manfred Mann), Kramer, "The Brill Building"
"Lost Highway" (Hank Williams), Blood On The Saddle, "New Blood"
"Strange Movies" (the Troggs), Poison 13, "Wine Is Red, Poison Is Blue"
"Rocket # 9" (Sun Ra & the Arkestra), NRBQ, "NRBQ"
"Runaway" (Jessie Mae), Wussy, "Getting Better" EP

"You Can't Put Your Arms Around A Memory" (Johnny Thunders), Giant Sand, "Ballad Of A Thin Line Man"

Robbie Fulks Festival! Yaaaaaaahhooooo!! 

It's not his birthday...  He didn't just die, did he? Lol

I prefer it when he mixes things up (as on "Couples In Trouble") over his straightforward country stuff. Love those unexpected songs like "She Needs You Now" and "In Bristol Town One Bright Day."

E6 is always good.

And, I had a sh*t eating grin all the way through Little Richard's "Rock Island Line."

Great lineup as always, Snagg.




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