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Love ‘em or loathe ‘em, the pink flamingo lawn ornament has brought joy to millions ever since the first flock arrived in the 1950s

Imagine waking up to find your front lawn, like the scene above, covered with a welcoming party of dozens of pink flamingos. In some neighborhoods it's a tradition that's been kept alive through the decades.

Don Featherstone, shown here in recent years, was the inventor of the original pink flamingo ornaments back in 1957.

Featherstone  acknowledged that his creation appealed strongly to working-class buyers, and was proud of it. In a 1997 interview, he spoke of earlier outdoor ornaments, bronze statuary. “But few people could afford such things. Keep in mind that, before plastics, only rich people could afford to have poor taste.”


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My wife loves pink flamingos. We have 2 of the plastic ones (neighbor got flocked and gave her 2) and we have 3 light up ones. here's a pic of 2 of them.

Don't give her any ideas!!!!!

I just think this guy really did find his seemingly rewarding vocation in this life time,

after all, his name is `Featherstone'...

(.....with ma big beak twitching says...."I had to do that seein' how those them there

Flamingos are distant cousins of mine, birds of a feather an all that!)

Why you say that ?

Oh, okay, everything is as clear as mud now, thanks.


and.....what was that ol' movie where they said;

"love is not having to say your sorry"  or - sumthin' like that, lol.

woooops...OMG...that li'l bear is PINK !!

Now you're just being silly luvy. There's no way that is gonna work with her favorite outfit.

Those flamingos that light up are cool (but then I like just about everything that lights up--espec. cigars).

I hung the light up flamingos in a palm tree as part of my Christmas lights this year.

Could be the end of the pink flamingo...





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