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dancing with my love
joined at the groin, swirling, hot
flying through the stars

bullet blast speed train
rumbles below my belly
ice cream truck jingles
just one look, one thought
ignites our wildfire passion
he rises, hard, fast

i pulse with pleasure
wanting him deep inside me
swept away by love
furrows sweet and moist
as the sun bleeds into me
more than i can eat
sleep interrupted
your fingers stray down my neck
leaving trails of lust

your lips trace a path
from collar bone to belly
my muscles quiver

your hands on my hips
my fingers twined in your hair
your love consumes me

lifted to heaven
we speak an ancient language
of cries and whispers
Dream mouth candy lips
descend glistening again
explosion inhaled
Ha! GMs, Karen!
purple stain lips bite
recent blurry memories
back onto the floor
straight but not narrow
you are my kama sutra
my fleshly delight
androgynous, we,
sexuality unleashed
all things possible
fall in love with me...
shed the skin that's held you in
held you for too long

feeling lust's not wrong
release yourself upon me
lose yourself in me

how bad could it be
to amuse yourself with me?

Thanks, KD.




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