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Santa's Helper's, would you believe -
are gathering together, with good cheer and much fun,
to help Santa get ready for Christmas Eve,
not thinking to stop until all the work is done.


Santa, Are You Real?

Are you really Santa Claus?
Boldly asked the little tot.
I truly think you are,
But my brother says you’re not.

Did your elves make all the toys?
Can your reindeer really fly?
Do you know when I’ve been good?
Do you know when I tell a lie?

How do you make it all around,
Christmas Eve to everyone?
Do you like the milk and cookies?
Is climbing down the chimney fun?

Do you open all the letters?
Did you really read my list?
Do you lie awake nights thinking,
Of a house you may have missed

Can I tug your snow white whiskers,
Just to see if they’re your own?
Did you come to see my mom and dad,
Before they got all grown?

I have one more question, Santa,
Please give an answer if you will.
Can you wake us Christmas morning,
And let my brother know you’re real?

~ Kay Henslee ~

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Please my friends, feel free to add content
that you would like to see here with Santa's Helpers,
as the old saying goes "the more the merrier" -

I also want to wish you all a very loving, happy and safe holiday time,
for Christmas and the approaching New Year 2013 !

Santa checking on his reindeers,
let's see if I can remember some of them now -
of course everyone remembers Rudolph,
then I think there was Blitzen.....Dasher.....Dancer......errm.....
I'll have to check back later - lol!

Thank you Kooner, that is interesting to know.

"Only 2 more sleeps my peeps"

Just one of the many faeries that help SANTA at Christmas time.

I'm not familiar with the cranberry faerie Kooner,

or, do you mention that because of the rich, red robe she is wearing,

perhaps.  lol!

There is snow all year around where Santa comes from...

Truly a wonderland of magic.




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