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As most of you know the Super Bowl is being played in Arlington, Texas next Sunday...that's about half way between Dallas and Ft. Worth, and according to the website of a local TV station there is a shortage of "hoes".....err, ahh "paid escorts, that is, for the various high dollar parties and such.

So in order to help boost our economy down here if you know of any out-or-work "escorts" send 'em our way.  I understand even the local chapter of "The Horny Housewives of America" are booked up.

(there will be a football game played at some point)

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Unfortunately, some men, sans wives or So"s will cheat...especially in a party atmosphere, so there has to be a good supply of willing paticipants. And a simple game of football, thanks to the obscene amount of money it generates has turned into nothing but a big party.....in a strange city where inhibitions are cast aside.
I am with JayLee. what does hoeing have to do with the crowds at a football game? It's winter, most crops are already harvested. Why would anyone want to hoe an empty field? Now plowing might be a different matter. Spreading the turf in order to enhance the fertility might be reason for bringing in the hoers at this time of year.
Supply and demand.
Are the imported hos allowed to have the "Big Hair", or is that just reserved for the gals from Texas?
Texas born girls automactically inherit rights to the patent of "Big Hair"......foreign ladies have to apply for a permit at the border.....kinda like a "Big Hair Visa."

I know a Louisiana girl that keeps Aquanet in business.

She says, "the bigger the hair, the closer to God."


[just in case you were wondering...I don't own any hairspray]

OK...duly noted.  LOL!

So, Miss Q....you use Brylcream, do you??
Maybe I'm bald...
I think I remember seeing a picture of you once long ago and you were not bald then.
...as a "Q" ball?
Nope...as I recall from a very brief posting....she's a stunner.




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