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  ~ Please think of a word that rhymes
     with the previously posted word, and
     then leave another word to be rhymed.
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     I will begin with...

  ~  computer 

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cotton, gingham, silk, wool

Wolf: w in cheap loathing, don't w gown you're rude, Speeder and the W

wolf in sheep's clothing, don't wolf down your food, Peter and the Wolf

Peter: fault-p; P Viper; P P Lumpkin Beater; P, Fall, and Harry 

Saltpeter, Peter Piper, P,P, pumpkin eater, Peter Paul and Mary

Sun: s mine, s clean, s power, s frog

sunshine, sunbeam, sunflower, sun dog

Star: s flower, s-shine, Log S, s-hum

S power, star shine, Dog Star, stardom

Break: a keg, b a sail, b a course, b a collar

a leg, a nail, a horse, a dollar

Fix: f-hate, foot a f sin, feed a f, f-her




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