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  ~ Please think of a word that rhymes
     with the previously posted word, and
     then leave another word to be rhymed.
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     I will begin with...

  ~  computer 

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Get off my lawn!

something to learn, maybe inadvertently:  gird of the May

word of the day

hapless fellow:  a gray slate and a holler-snort

a day late and a dollar short

they live in DC:  Residential mad-risers


presidential advisors

on the headstone:   Best in Peach

rest in peace

you don't care one way or the other:  no debt, no rob-rim, it's mall wood

no sweat, no problem, it's all good

His Holiness:   Hope Dances

Pope Francis

Small loads cede to Nome.

all roads lead to Rome

L.A.:   Kitty of Facials

City of Angels?????????

walking around kinda spacey-acting:  din a dance

(yeah, angels. hard to find a true rhyme for it)

in a trance

Weather report:   funny and not




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