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  ~ Please think of a word that rhymes
     with the previously posted word, and
     then leave another word to be rhymed.
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     I will begin with...

  ~  computer 

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Foot lint? Haha, footboard, foot-loose, foot-locker

Taken: taken alack, taken delay, taken fore canted

HAHAHA! Nope, "f-dint"=footprint, but foot lint is funnier!!

aback, away, for granted

Given: lifts, dressings, trots (medical), glove

Gifts, blessings, shots, love

Play: rate (one of 2), play-coy (one of 2), play guard

playmate, playboy, play hard

Work: w-force, w-mouse (a Victorian thing), w-way,  you holler w

workforce, workhouse, work day, blue collar work

Doll: doll spouse, doll-trace, maybe doll, Doll-e Tartan

dollhouse, dollface, baby doll, Dolly Parton ( . Y . )  ツ

Dog: d-souse, d-space, not-d, fop d

Doghouse, dogface, hot dog,  top dog.

Hyper: hypercolic, hyper-fractive, hyperfermia, hyper-fractive chronic

hyperbolic, hyperactive, hyperthermia, hyperactive sonic ??

Mail: m-doom, m-fan, bee-m, pale m

Mail room, mailman, e-mail, snail mail

Shot: gig shot, shot class, shot hauler, shot in the park

big shot, shot glass, shot caller?, shot in the dark

Horse: "H With No Fame" (song), bobby-h, flocking h, h-blue flab

"Horse With No Name" hobby horse, rocking horse, horseshoe crab

Palm: palm sky-lit, Palm Things, palm beading, palm bees

palm pilot, Palm Springs, palm reading, palm trees

Breast: b socket, pickin' b, to meet one's b (an exaggerated show of sorrow), b-slate




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