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Happy, sad, or in-between. Lay 'em out there in three lines of 5/7/5 syllables, respectively.

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heart of an angel

her poignant haiku portraits

enlighten our souls

reminders of love

fill every waking moment

and haunt all my dreams



the long day has passed
the deep silence grows deeper
the long night begins

i dress in your shirt
the faint sweet scent comforts me
phantom arms hold me

dark engulfs the world
"we'll meet in our dreams" you pledged
i try to get there

I remember how my body thrilled when you sent me the original Bobby Caldwell version of this song. Listening to this tonight made me happy. I hope the words are still true.

we try everything
and we will never give up
only love matters

remembering you
i lie beside you each dusk
until the light fades




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