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Friends, Lovers, Family..... Playful, Loving, Difficult.... in 5/7/5.

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holding my breath now
he is nearly here for keeps
wow! our brand new life
longing to reach out
so much I have to offer
distance is a bitch
DD, this reminds me of a touching, haunting line from Emmylou Harris' "Boulder to Birmingham" -

"...and the hardest part is knowing I'll survive"
The three blondes converge
TBD is their playground
Meet now in person

Comfort and support

Surprise friendships develop 

where we least expect

Three blondes meet again

A year from our last crossing

Can't wait to see them!

first and always, friends...

empathy and acceptance

amplified by love


it is you i love

not some glorified version

you, just as you are


trust the truth you know

love that vibrates within you


You know, DD...you really write amazing haiku!


the darkness beckons

sweet promise of your friendship

holds the night at bay

Quiet communion

Your presence envelops me

Warm, loving embrace

victorian hearts

portraits in lockets exchanged

a lifetime of love

I know what you want

Covers pulled up to my neck

Together too long




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