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Before I go any further, I want to say that I am asking this question as an 'innocent civilian', and not a member of an administrative group (though that may change). Whether it changes or not is STILL NOT why I am asking the question. I am asking it for curiosities sake, mostly; I have difficulty believing that a social site aimed at us, Babyboomers, would not be successful.Sure there's Facebook and the like, but to me, Facebook is a little like Calcutta...or NYC. Just a little bit too broad spectrum and ceratinly too large. (Descriptors like 'a mess' come to mind...).


Why wasnt this site successful in the first place? If it relied soley on pay per click advertising...well there's your answer. Maybe thats the reason (ofcourse, the ONLY reason) that my InqquiringEye site never made me any money...


Let's give it some thought. (Maybe it will pay off in our own respective, private-life projects). Fisrt off, what about membership? Right now, I see 12 people online. (Prior to the last closing scare, there were roughly 40ish online, at any given time.) To raise membership, I would start with raising awareness. But 'raising aware-ness; as a rule, costs money, doesnt it? Not necessarily so. When ever I needed awareness  (or money) raised for a project (my college education might be an example here...), I went straight to the media. When the media wouldn't bite, or when I was not a part of the media per se, I d use free media, like the internet. And I was not beyond using myself, mystuff, or my friends to advertise my cause.


Why isnt this happening already? Well, it beats me, but maybe since the site does not 'belong' to anyone, there is no real incentive to work on it? I dont kbow the answer to this. Is it a 'ning' product? Is there a copyright? Could interested individuals throw in ...10 bucks and incorporate the site? The word 'membership-fee' no doubt causes everyone to cringe, But what if that fee were optional, and it bought you 'stock' in the site? I read that the original site started by Robin (hi Robin) had a  24 million (or so )dollar budget...? Certainly there's enough brainpower between us, we could do it for less...


The same article (which I skimmed through) suggested that there was not enough 'content' to keep people interested. I often thought there should be a daily poll (for fun). That should be easy enough to do. Perhaps art or photography, writing or fund raising contests? Not only would the site benefit, but so would we, in our own individualives... Really, the list of contest possibilities is as long as the list of discussion possibilities.


Maybe you've rolled this topic around, yourself. Certainly, all of the threats that this site mght close, must certainly have peaked your awareness. Creating, funding, maintaining, administering a site like this a huge job for a handful of people. But if that work was spread out (I can see much of the tedious stuff being automated), maybe it could work. Sure, we wouldnt always agree, but that, inandofitself, would serve to make things livelier (what doesnt kill you makes you stronger...?)


Anyway, knowing nothing, I've been thinking. Maybe you have too. Maybe you even know something and would like to share it.. Here's to putting it out in the open! Mother Sanity

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I am on several sites but this is still my favorite.
Seems like 'interest' is not the only 'hard thing' trying to be 'raised' this summer....Business is boomin'

Cute song, but I fail to see how it fits into this discussion. Just sayin'.....;-D
Raising interest. Raising. Interest...I dunno, seems like I need to get out more....
Me either Quinn. Those are all very important questions, but the answers elude me. I'm surprised more people are just not throwing ideas around. Perhaps this site is like the infinite mirror. Perhaps you are right and there are only 10 people participating.

I dont know... What are people generally interested in talking about? themselves. How to get more participation? Try floating some discussions. See which one's do best (they are not mine).

I love this social networking site because of the intimacy and because of the wide variety of ways one can pafrticipate. I wonder what it is that most people like about Facebook. I go there mainly to keep an eye on the kids (my kids, specifically). Otherwise it does not appeal to me.
I hate to say this but I'm gonna.....probably will get cards, letters and phone calls, hate mail, fire bombs thrown at the house and all that, but here goes.....I went on the original TBD in Oct. of 2008 and stayed there till the end. Of course the best part of that was meeting a green eyed blonde from Michigan, but I did notice the most activity there and on Waterworld is in the sex threads. Seems alot of people like to talk dirty and air out their fantasies in public. I don't so I don't participate. I'm not a prude by any means, a little inuendo is fine here and there, I just don't discuss my sex life in public nor will I ever disrespect Her in public. If the fun sites on here die because of a lack of sex, then so be it....;-D
True, it was always one of the most active groups here, too. I haven't even looked to see if any of the other similar ones are still going. I think it's fine to have groups for special interests, but at the moment I don't have much time to dig around in groups, even the ones I belong to already.
I agree, Chez Moi. I prefer to stick to the forum and let the chips fall where they may. There are so many groups ... and some of these questions just overlap. Best to let the computer do the sorting, for me, anyway.
I think one thing some may forget, is the follow button on threads they are interested in. Click the follow button and you will be notified via email when new content is added. As far as a follow on members ning believes it is a form of stalking.
The ning plans take effect July twentieth hopefully there will be some new things coming our way at that time.
Thanks Bob, for sharing your opinion. You wont get crucified by me, and I doubt that you'll get alot of hate mail either. You make an excellent point. As I always understood it (thats not saying alot...), porn sites on the internet are very lucrative. I dont come here for sex either (ofcourse, I'm not adverse to 'getting lucky', either.) But it is no way my goal. I am interested in sharing ideas, philosophies; I am interested in what others think. (Sometimes for reasons stated, other times to see why I seem to be so...different.) But I'm never backhanded; my motives are never ulterior.

But you have a good point. Sex. True that. What, Bob, (out of sheer curiosity) would make you more interested in participating? MS
I participate in Q and A and in the forum when something interests me. I talk when I feel I have something to add.I don't "tweet" on here or anywhere else just to be heard.
Bob, ever the adorable gentleman. You are right that sex sells. But is what it sells what we (I'm speaking of those sharing the raft here...) are looking for? I agree, a little innuendo, a little flirting, is a lot of fun, but it's the personal contacts, learning to care about the others who share the space, that have made TBD special for me. Even if it's just a word here and there, so many people make me smile, and I hope I can do the same. I come here for my dose, and try to give as good as I get. I don't care much about flash and bling and excitement and arguments. I care about sharing experiences and thoughts ... and silly stuff.




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