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During the Holidays, "Quiet" can be the best, or the worst. I'm sure there are haiku that reflect the entire spectrum. Perhaps you have experienced that wide diversity of feeling all within the space of one season. Please share them with us!

Tags: Silence, and, faithfulness, gentleness, goodness, joy, kindness, love, patience, peace, More…self-control.

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Grandbaby asleep,
the house is finally still.
The embers glow red.
Ah, I miss those days --
When trikes hid in the attic.
Sugar plum dreams danced.
grownup time has come
scotch in a baccarat glass
you and i and love
I am listening
silence surrounds solitude
quiet is present
amid the hubbub
an inner silence descends
Christmas thanks giving
sitting quietly
contemplating on last year
how can it improve
one daughter seeks calm
one, the center of the storm...
two sides of Pater
through cooperative work
they will work as one




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