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Questions that will produce answers consisting of useless information.

There is another thread containing pretty much useless information. However, it does not contain answers to some of the questions that ran through my addled brain while sitting two months in the middle of a remote hayfield.
For example; If the state of West Virginia were rolled flat by a steam roller, would it be as big as Texas? Are there any words in the english language that start with the letters meb in that order? If a dead cat were dropped from the top of the empire state building, how high would it bounce? And, would it land on its feet?
Am I the only one searching for this type of information? If you have answers, provide them. If you have similar burning questions, ask them. I'm sure we will all come away smarter, or maybe not.

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German Cockroaches.
This is a hard one to answer. The volume of the Empire State building is approx. 37 million square feet. The American cockroach averages approx. 1.2 inches in length, but I can't find any stats about how tall, or wide, they are, so cannot calculate total volume for the average cockroach. Possibly Pru could help with that answer. (of course I am pretty sure Texas cockroaches are quite a bit taller than New York cockroaches, so that will have to be factored in)
Give it some cola or beer. They can not burp. But don't tell anyone animal cruelty people will get you.
There's the 'squish factor' too. Once you start building a certain level of density, the roaches on the bottom will be taking up less volume than the roaches on the top. But then, ofcourse, this is all a matter of how accurate we need to get. Do we remove office furniture...plumbing fixtures, howabout people (lol). Lunch time. M. Sanity
Where would you get enough oil to use to pack the cockroaches like sardines? Oops! I guess I should be attempting to answer these very important questions, not adding frills. Of couse we do need to refine the details. Pru's comment does add interesting content to the mix. It of course also generates many new questions. Such as; Does Texas have more cockroach varieties than New York?
Does the FBI have a repository of tongue prints?
(refer to the trivia discussion.)
Back to cockroaches, When I lived in the barracks at Keesler AFB, MS we used to have cockroach races. The little ones with the jacked up rear ends were always the fastest.
Think about that logically. New York was importing roaches for hundreds of years before we stole Texas from who ever was living there. They breed exponentially with time and the numbers that are imported. I suspect that if you calculated every square foot of floor space in NY City,including all the underground layers, it would be greater than all of Texas. How about them apples! Rotten though they may be,
Dick G.

Well, Texas may have lots of cockroaches, but do we(I can say we now that I reside in Texas) have Palmetto Bugs? Are Palmetto Bugs really cockroaches? They sure look like Cockroaches. Pru, you are from Florida. Did you bring any palmetto bugs to Texas?
This is New York City...There is plenty of 'oil'.
Someone mentioned earlier there was 37 million sq feet in the Empire State, shouldn't that be updated to cubic feet?
I think we could have two answers, one for NYC cockroaches and one the varieties that Pru is husbanding.




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