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For those that remember Pru, the sweetheart that received a liver transplant on Friday the 13th of Feburary last year.  I believe she is doing great.  I don't worry about her but I still pray for her.  Let's all send her some positive vibes.

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Oh my goodness, it's been a whole year! Happy Birthday! And all the best!!
Happy Liver Day Pru

Just for you Pru:

Ms Farquar
You Know
I do want to mention one who showed tremendous strength through Ms Farquars Ordeals last year. Though it was her sister she kept us all informed and updated. Thank You WS
Thank you Bull! I was just about to write about this too! Without the knowledge from WS - we would have been fretting and unhappy. We would not have become who we are as a group without the kindness and courage of Pru and WS who agreed that we were important enough and worthy to be kept in the loop. We will be always grateful and honoured by that gift of confidence and courage.

Happy 1st year anniversaire ~ and to many many more !




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