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This is only a post.

If this had been a real post, I would've asked or said something real.

Now back to our regularly scheduled bull.

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Hope you get your computer straightened out luvy!!

Wait 'til you have a 6 year old grandson get on and decide to download all the games he can before you catch him.

That's exactly the advice, almost word-for-word, that a computer tech gave me, K; and good advice it is too.

That f'ng BING has to be one of the worst offenders yet MS allows it.  It's hard to get rid of.

Tried Bing for about a week. Went back to Google.

Me too but I can't get rid of it, again.  It keeps coming back even though I'm pretty good with a computer.  I hate MS.

I'm an expert, but MS figured out how to infect me again.  I haven't tried too hard yet again, I'll let you know.

Tha's Win 8, maybe 7, and I use XP and Chrome not Mozilla.  I tried their fix too LOL

You are a good guesser  :0)

Yeah, I too heard that Bing sux; supposed to be 1 of the worst spyware/malware offenders out there.


The only way I could get rid of it before was to delete the program.  You can't do it via CONTROL PANEL, you had to download a powerful software, 'YOUR UNINSTALLER".  

However, now BING loads itself into WINDOWS on start-up then uninstalls itself so you can't get rid of anything.  As I said, I'll let you know.

Cool!  I'm much better too, finally getting some real sleep too, which really helps.

I did wake up Saturday morning w left eye completely blind.  Pink eye I think; got the necessary Rxs and doing much better with that.

Now, if I can only figure out how to keep my glasses clean...




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