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Which do you prefer and phone call or text?

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I never text and I won't talk on the phone unless it's something important. Email is okay.

I do more texting than calling, but I would rather talk to my family instead. There is something to be said for texting, though; it's faster and less time-consuming.

I don't know how to text so...

I just moved from a flip phone to a smart phone. Not impressed.

I prefer a phone call. Texting is OK if its a short message (I'll pick you up in 5 min)or something like that- but not into these long conversations.Like email OK.

I prefer calls.

I like texting better.

I prefer calls but actually do more texting.

If it is short and sweet, texting works fine, otherwise I prefer conversation.

Phone call

Both have their uses, but truth be told, I would usually prefer to leave the phone off.

I prefer phone calls.  My DIL and a close friend love to carry on conversations by text. I told them, three is my limit, then you have to call me or I'll call you. 




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